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    Xbox One (Original) Power Brick

    P.S. I would prefer an MS original, last time I bought a generic Apple charger, it worked for 30 minutes and blew up.
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    Xbox One (Original) Power Brick

    Hi The power brick on my Xbox One gave in this afternoon, where can I pick one up? Preferably in Helderberg area. I phoned Dion Wired, Incredible Connection, BT Games - none of them have. I don’t want to go and buy an Xbox One S because it really isn’t that much better than the older one, plus...
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    Is 3DS dead in SA?

    I have two of them, one working and one broken. Bought mine at Incredible, but they are pretty scarce though, especially if you don’t want to get ripped off.
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    VOIP Handsets

    Be super careful with Switch Telecom. I know someone who just lost R8k this morning thanks to Switch Telecom security not being up to scratch. Also, some of their call rates are ridiculous, I've spotted international call rates on their CDRs that work out as high as R400 per minute to some...
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    Locations of Openserve edge service routers

    Hi guys Does anyone have list of locations for Openserve's edge service routers? For example, esdw-ip-esr-3 is in Port Elizabeth. I suspect wblv-ip-esr-3 is in Durbanville and tprn-ip-esr-2 is probably somewhere around Roodepoort. I'm working on a location project for which this data...
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    Unisa FRC1502

    Hi I'm turning to myBB for help as it seems many knowledgeable people hang out here. Is there anyone here who is studying FRC1502 (French Language & Culture: Lower Intermediate) through Unisa? Or recently completed it? I am looking for a copy of the PDF supplied to students called "Tutorial...
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    MTN no support & coverage issues while roaming

    We have two lines with MTN and we're currently on vacation. Both lines have international roaming and calling. Both are used on iPhone 6S devices. One of them are working just fine and another has been dead for 2 weeks. It is constantly reporting "No Service." It has done so in France...
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    Seeking an invigilator for university examinations (Western Cape)

    Hi I'm hoping somebody can help me, I'm doing a distance study program through Athabasca University in Canada and I'm in need of an invigilator for an examination. I have requested assistance from the university and they advise that a propose my own invigilator as the only invigilator they have...
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    Learners license booking - lost receipt

    I made a booking for a code 1 learners license test that's now finally due in 3 weeks, but lost the receipt as it was half a year ago :mad: do I have any options besides booking again and waiting the rest of the year?