MTN no support & coverage issues while roaming


Jul 24, 2013
We have two lines with MTN and we're currently on vacation. Both lines have international roaming and calling. Both are used on iPhone 6S devices.

One of them are working just fine and another has been dead for 2 weeks. It is constantly reporting "No Service." It has done so in France, Switzerland, and Italy. The last time the line worked was in Cape Town.

I reported this matter to MTN via email on the 17th of December. As of today, nothing has been done about it. It seems to be impossible to call MTN while roaming. None of their numbers work. I just get messages like "Diese nummer ist unbekannt."

MTN's Facebook page suggested I report a coverage issue - done. Nothing happened.

The only email I ever got back from MTN:

Good day Lionel

Thank you for emailing Customer Care.

Please confirm the below security points in order to assist and for security purposes.

· MTN Pin:

· ID Number:

· Postal Address:

· Work Telephone Number:

· Bank Name:

Kind Regards,
Mamokiritle Seloma
Customer Services

You can now text your query to us! Simply SMS 44303

Reference Number: 13548968
I did respond with the requested details. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue? And can I refuse to pay for the period which the line was not working? It's almost half a month, so I should get 50% off my subscription.


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Nov 1, 2010
It looks like one SIM hasn't been activated for roaming. Other problem could be iPhone itself which require carrier update for each network (unlike most other brands which pickup this information from SIM). Use some other phone brand (not Apple) to see whether it is MTN roaming issue... I don't know, maybe you should connect phones using local SIM card (of the MTN roaming partner) first. Alternatively plug iPhone to the laptop running Internet connected iTunes, New carrier will be detected and updated automatically. Complicated....

If you are traveling, WiFi calling from Cell C is a solution. Try SIP service provider and also get DID number if you want receive incoming calls. See here: