international roaming

  1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Vodacom reduces international data prices

    Vodacom reduces international data prices Vodacom has reduced its out-of-bundle roaming data rates on partner networks worldwide by up to 88%. The changes mean rates will now vary between 49 cents and R5.00 when travelling to over 156 countries across 656 partner networks. "With our...
  2. S

    CellC charging for receiving sms in international roaming?

    Does CellC really charge receiving sms in international roaming? In their site,, they indicate that it is so but I find it hard to believe. I am not aware of any other network in and out of South Africa that does this.
  3. U

    Misrepresentation on International Roaming

    I recently travelled to Italy, on arriving in the country I received an SMS informing me of the roaming charges - R10/min, R3/SMS, R10/MB. I checked this on the website too: The SMS I received confirmed the network I was on (Italy Telecom). See...
  4. G

    Vodacom Requesting Roaming Customer Abroad to Re-RICA Vodacom number

    I am a Vodacom Prepaid customer currently abroad and using my Vodacom number on International Roaming. My number is RICA'd, and everything seemed peachy until this morning when I received this SMS from Vodacom (copy & paste): "Dear Valued Customer, to comply with RICA legislation please...
  5. C

    MTN no support & coverage issues while roaming

    We have two lines with MTN and we're currently on vacation. Both lines have international roaming and calling. Both are used on iPhone 6S devices. One of them are working just fine and another has been dead for 2 weeks. It is constantly reporting "No Service." It has done so in France...
  6. L

    R23,000 unexpected international data roaming charge

    I just returned from my visit to Australia and received an SMS from Cell C saying my account was blocked as I had reached the limit on my account. I quickly called customer services to find out what was going on, and they told me there was a R23,000 pending balance on my account. They looked...
  7. D

    MTN (Nashua Mobile) International Roaming suddenly not working in Iceland

    I had a MTN Anytime 350 package from Nashua Mobile and had no problem getting a connection to the Vodafone network in Iceland (it connected automatically) during the last 3 years when I visited the country. During Jan 2013 I was in South Africa and downgraded my contract to Top Up 100. I was...
  8. Creag

    The great data roaming rip-off

    This is scary... :eek: Source... No more roaming for me.
  9. O

    going overseas (canada) - data prepaid - need help

    Hey peeps.. Customer is going 2 canada 2morrow evening. He is on 4u prepaid. According to vodacom's website the +- rate for roaming in canada is +- R110 /MB on their Canada Rogers network.. I can't find any roaming vodacom agreement of R17.50 or such service.. - would it be better...
  10. D

    BEWARE International Data Roaming charges!!!

    Hi, I'm posting here on behalf of my girlfriend, who has decided to take this matter to the public, just to raise awareness and not to get her money back. See below comment (excerpt from mail to Vodacom MD's office and Credit & Risk departments)...