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    Microsoft Surface Hub

    Hi all does anyone have any information on the MS surface Hub and why it is not in SA yet? any info insider or otherwise would be very helpful
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    which one is better

    Hi Guys I need some community input here, I recently won an MSI B360 Arctic Gaming MoBo, I already own an MSI B250 Gaming pro Carbon, besides for obvious newer chipsets, would it be worth me selling my i5 7500 and the Mobo to get an 8th gen i5 for the new board? this may seem...
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    Cryptoming Card

    Hello good people, I come to you once again in need of your boundless knowledge and bountiful help. I have been tasked with finding out if a Nvidia Quadro FX1800 Card would be any good at crypto mining, it will be used to mine the Monero cryptocurrency but before the card is purchased I was...
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    Best website through which to obtain MSCE testing

    Hi All i need some help finding a website like Prometric through which I can take my MTA->MCSA->MCSE certs, something like Prometric as i cannot find Microsoft as a test sponser there anymore.
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    Telkom Networks department contact

    Hi All Would anyone have a contact number for the Networks departments with Telkom? My boss is moving into a new estate in CPT which doesn't even appear on google street view yet (not saying much it was last updated in 2009) but he needs the line installed. Telkom is saying that there isn't...
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    Issues with Installing XP on system with a GA-H110M-S2PH DDR3 MOBO

    Good Day all. My client has software (made by VW and Audi) that only runs on XP (for a dynamometer for vehicle diagnostics and testing) and his old "dyno PC" crashed out hard and he ordered a new one from us, problem is the only system we were able to get him was the one posted below. Now the...
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    Video Capture Cards

    Good Day all, A client needs a Video Capture Card for the son's PlayStation 4, I was hoping someone would be able to help me with finding an establishment in Port Elizabeth that would be able to help me get one for my client.
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    Advantages of Using Steam

    Good Day all. So I recently got Uncapped at home (2Mbps nothing special) and I was wondering if it was worth downloading steam/ installing SteamOS. What are some advantages of using Steam? or even Disadvantages?
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    HELP!!!! Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 soft bricked on another level

    So I have a S4 and a while back it lost its IMEI number, i have had a couple of custom roms on but recently went back to stock and upgraded to lollipop via the OTA software upgrade on the phone, but i experience a hell of alot of soft bricking so i factory reset my phone and it worked but it...
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    New Gaming Rig Suggestions

    Good Day Fellow people. I will be buying a new gaming rig in the mext few months and i would like to get some build suggestions from you. Basically the machine I would like should be able to play pretty much everything on stellar (ultra) graphical settings. obviously this goes without...