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    Battlefield 3 installation xD

    Hello i just want to share this FAKE Copy Speed. maybe its Real i have 3 SATA Drives whats the highest speed i can copy from a DVD :) to SATA over a ordinary SATA Cable.
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    Does anyone know Who provides internet to

    Hello is a 1st Tier provider or 2 Tier internet provider ???
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    VODACOM 3G Speedtest

    Secret Location in South Africa :D :love: :p :whistle:
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    MyBroadband Speedtest Congested

    Hello Everyone ;) i have done a speedtest to Seacom in Johannesburg with and my speed is Faster than on MyBroadband speedtest my Result on MyBB Speedtest is no higher than 6Mb/s down and my uplink is 1 mb/s when infact its higher with SO? i think MyBroadband...
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    WhatsApp Problem

    Hello Everyone ;) i have entered myself into a Malicious WhatsApp group people are sending Malicious Text its negatively affecting WhatsApp Web i cant login to Whatsapp Web :/ i am trying to delete the messages but whatsapp is stuck and i am able to exit the group i think this happened before i...
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    Facebook plans satellite broadband delivery

    Facebook plans to launch a satellite next year to test a system that would provide ultra-high-speed internet to the 3bn-plus people not yet on the web. A company called PointView Tech, which seems to be a new Facebook subsidiary, according to IEEE Spectrum, filed an experimental licensing...
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    LTE in Rondebosch

    Hello Everyone ;) does anyone have Poynting Antenna's on their roof using a Huawei B315 or Huawei E5186 LTE Router if you are getting RSRP -80 RSRQ -10 RSSI -72 SINR 20 Please speedtest Telkom, Vodacom, MTN And Cell C LTE networks i found a Lovely house in Rondebosch
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    Mom, stepdad in court after abused boy, 2, dies

    The mother and stepfather of a 2-year-old boy they are accused of abusing so badly he had to be admitted to a special care centre appeared emotionless when it was confirmed that the toddler had died this past weekend. Taswell and Renzia Louw appeared in the Western Cape High Court on Friday...
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    Telkom LTE APN

    Hello Everyone i just loaded Another 20 gigs last night so i was not able to use my sim for a while. this morning i wake up and i notice the "TelkomInternet" APN is not working anymore. then i change to the Default TelkomSA APN and i fire up my counter strike server and go to
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    CELL C Network Test

    Hello Everyone CELL C Network Speedtest MWEB Connect Joburg Server OOKLA Speedtest App for Android - Final Edit: I used 14.55 Megabytes of Network Testing. Congested Tower. Signal Strength "there is LTE-A/Fixed LTE in my Community" but is the Telkom...
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    2 NEW Sim Cards - Do i have to RICA ??

    Hello Everyone i just Bought 2 Brand New Sim Cards from a Pakistani/Bangladesh Shop It's a Small Shop for Convenience. MTN Sim Card And CELL C, My Question is Do i have to RICA it ?? or do i just load airtime And Convert to Data ??. i want to Test Both Networks on my Huawei B315 since people...
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    HAPPY Freedom Day 2018 SOUTH AFRICA

    everyone is going away to Hermanus Everyone is going away. What are you doing This Loong Weekend?? :)
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    Police take down the world's largest DDoS-for-hire service

    Police in twelve countries have taken down WebStresser, believed to be the world's largest service for paid DDoS attacks. Seven suspects behind the website were arrested or subject to searches in the Netherlands, UK, Canada, and other countries. Police seized's servers...
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    is There A Server provider that has a Page for pinging your own ip outside ur network

    hello Everyone this Network is international and i want to ping my self from a Joburg Data Centre or cape town. i want a Dedicated Server network to send my router 32 Byte packets and tell me the response time. i don't Know if anyone in South Africa has bothered to setup their server that way...
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    Vodacom Tower on Steenberg Military Road Congested

    5 Bars Signal Speedtest at A friends house