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    South African ISPs must have black owners - ICASA draft regulations

    Oh no. Here comes "Internet-Shedding". I just wonder how many Phases there will be.
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    The real reason for load-shedding - And it's not what Eskom is telling you

    Eskom will never operate 100%. As long as they "struggle", they are in "need of money" to fix what is "broken". As long as they can get money from lenders, our pension money, tax payers money, etc... they will leave everything "broken" as it is to be able to get more money. Just think about...
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    The best smartphones launching in 2020

    Nooooo, New phones with better specs?? Noooo, it can't be. Oh no wait, that happens every month. I forgot.
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    What Phone are you using now and what phone do you desire?

    Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Don't need anything else.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Rumours and leaks

    Got mine yes. I must say, it's a very nice controller. If you are used to playing Xbox, then this should be really easy to use. Same button layout.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Rumours and leaks

    You can click on the previous day to check the on time and then the present day and just add it up. That's what it looks like though.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Rumours and leaks

    It shows screen on time after one full discharge / charge.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Rumours and leaks

    I had to check manually for the update. 1.9GB (and a bit). Now to see whats new.
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    These are the top download speeds in South Africa's metros

    I wonder how they achieved that?? I get 10mbps on MTN LTE in Brackenfell, Cape Town.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Rumours and leaks

    My Note 10 Plus is constantly on Wifi. I will be testing it on MTN network from Friday to see how battery life is. I know with my Note 8 the Cellphone Networks kills a battery very quickly. And that is because of a terrible infrastructure. Where I live, I get about 5-10 mbps on LTE.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Rumours and leaks

    With my Note 8 I struggled to get to about 5 hours of SOT with one charge. With the Note 10 Plus I stuggle to get the battery dead even after 7+hours of SOT. It's great not to have to worry about battery life.
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    What phone?

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
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    Netflix can't take down DStv's Sunday night movie

    So Multichoice really think that the Sunday Night movie is reason enough to pay R900+ per month for a DSTV Subscription? I cancelled my DSTV about 2months ago. (10 years too late), and I can't even imagine what life was with DSTV. We almost just watch Netflix these days.
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    Win a Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 router - Enter now

    For me, definitely this. Beamforming+ boosts speed, reliability, & range of WiFi connections for 2.4 & 5GHz
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    Are you a DStv subscriber?

    Cancelled subscription last month. Enjoying the extra cash. lol