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    Taking the receptionist for a drink??

    Shame he friendzoned you hahaha
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    Recommend a laptop that plays nice with Photoshop

    Hi all I've searched the forum and cant find anything recent on the topic. Basically I'm planning on making some money off of my photography hobby. So I will be in need of a decent laptop that can run the latest version of Photoshop. I don't need a professional level laptop, just...
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    Leather Gallery, any one here have any experience with their products?

    Hi all So I'm looking at buying a couch and have looked at a few items from Leather Gallery in Durban. They seem reputable and seem to know what their talking about. Any one have any experience living with their products in their homes who could give me some insight on their quality...
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    Building a personal cloud for home use

    Ok so I'm considering building my home network around something like a WD MyCloud 4TB. My thinking behind this is that I could drop HDD capacity requirements on my next laptop and tablet and have the added benefit of being able to access all my media on any device in my home, stream my...
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    Panasonic Lumix FZ300 & FZ1000

    Hi all I'm currently considering purchasing one of these mighty fine superzooms. The difference in price is quite substantial although the 1 inch sensor in the FZ1000 is very tempting when combined with its ability to shoot 4k video and high speed video at 120fps for those amazingly smooth...
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    Video Library Management on Windows 7

    Hi Guys and Gal I've got a fairly large video library of series and movies and its becoming more and more of a problem to remember which particular episode of a series I stopped at or which movies I've watched. Does any one know how to possibly "mark as watched" on Windows 7? I know the...
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    New Residential Property Developments

    Hi all So I'm currently in the market for a property. Have been searching for a couple of months. I'm considering looking at new developments as there are no transfer duties involved with the purchase and some come fitted with modern kitchen and bathrooms. I'm havin a problem finding...
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    Standard Bank Webtrader

    Hi Everyone I just wanted to get a sense of the forums feelings regarding the Standard Bank Webtrader platform. I am considering opening an account and investing to see what comes of it. I am quite financially savvy and finance is my field of work. Looking to start with around R10k. If...
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    Advice on Servicing and Suspension

    Here are the stats -2005 Opel Corsa 'C' 1.6 Sport -135 000km on the clock (its high, i know) -due for sevice, knocking noise on front wheels on a bumpy road surface and engine pink Here are the questions -Im thinking of using Bosch Service center as they are cheaper than the agents and...