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    Importing Miners into South Africa

    I managed to buy an Antminer L3 from Bitmain in the rare 10 minutes that they actually have stock every other week and will have it dispatched from China in the next two weeks. Has anyone done this before and know the process? I'll be using FedEx for the shipment. Some of the things that I...
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    Taskflow requires Python developers

    Taskflow is a team of young enthusiasts with compelling ideas, visions and dreams. We are a team of specialists with an unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, innovation and integrity. We are looking for a Python developer based in Gauteng (or willing to relocate) to join our team of high...
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    Vodacom new business service is beyond pathetic.. Doesn't even exist

    So a few months back I try and get hold of Vodacom to become a VOIP wholesaler. I phone the Vodacom business number more than a dozen times and every time I'm told someone will get back to me "shortly". Only once do I get a follow up call from them .. to ask if someone phoned me. Nobody ever...
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    Senior Asterisk Engineer - Teleforge

    Teleforge Senior VOIP engineer Main purpose of the Job The technical division in Johannesburg has a vacancy for a VOIP System Engineer that will be reporting to the Technical Manager and will perform day-to-day administration and management of the Linux based systems and VOIP platforms that...
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    Cybersmart - Judge for yourself if you want to do business with them!

    Some background: We have been dealing with Cybersmart for the last year or so and have ordered about a dozen Diginet circuits via them. Most if not all of the circuits were delayed and basically not a single one worked off the bat. Whether this was Cybersmart's router config or Telkom's lack of...
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    [How to fight against] Massive hacking attempts to hosted PBX

    Our hosted PBX's have been under attack the last week from Jordan. At one stage we were being hit by up to 5000 hack attempts per hour. This reach a tipping point where they almost managed to get through the last leg of our security measures. They were trying to phone a number in Togo non stop...
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    VoIP hacking all around! READ THIS AND APPLY

    A number of South African big business VoIP servers have been hacked recently and run up gigantic bills so I decided to share what we do to ensure VoIP does not get a reputation as insecure. Most of the companies that were hacked used ON SITE PBX which means you are not safe even if you have...
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    Paranoid fanatic

    So as some of you may know I am quite active on several forums from time to time especially in the VoIP arena. I had access to Telkom's Uniweb via kliq broadband when I used to be the operations manager there that I used to test and assist a lot of people in seeing if they can get VDSL in their...
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    Refurbished or new?

    I need to buy a few servers to run mission critical ( but not that hardware intensive )Linux services (VoIP, Firewall etc). I'm of two minds if I should get refurbished units or opt for new units. The first option is refurbished Dell Proliant DL 380 G4 rackmount servers with the following...
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    VDSL available after Telkom downtime!

    During troubleshooting to get my customers back up after this recent outage I noticed that almost 80% of my customers in Johannesburg and Pretoria can now get VDSL 20Mbps and some 40Mbps! So it wasn't an outage per se but rather a botched upgrade. I can check if you are upgraded via Uniweb (PM...
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    Oustanding fines - can you get a vehicle license renewal?

    My friend and I have taken on a R10k bet that its impossible to have you vehicle license renewed if you have outstanding fines registered to the vehicle. I had about R5k worth of fines that I had managed to collect up till Feb 2011 when I had to go and renew my car registration. I drew the R5k...
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    O-Tel Service

    We are busy reviewing O-Tel to consider them as either as a primary or secondary VOIP provider. Has anyone had any business dealings with them? I'd like to specifically query the following: 1) Voice quality 2) Support times and responses 3) Ease of use of systems 4) Customer feedback...
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    Out of this world service from Telkom

    I have been blown away these last two weeks by Telkom's service. In the last few years I was forced to work with Telkom for a long time as an ADSL support consultant. I got used to how terrible they are... or is it were? I moved into a new house in Bryanston on the 1st of this month. On the...
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    Upgrade from 1Mbps to 2Mbps - Can you feel it?

    Has anyone been upgraded to 2Mbps yet? I remember when 4Mbps came out quite a few people got it before the official date.
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    One part of audio garbled on recordings

    I have a problem that I can't get solved. I have tried Elastix/Freepbx as well as Asterisk version 1.6/1.8/10 The problem is as follows: When I use a ECN trunk and I do any recording/monitoring of phone calls one side of the conversation is garbled - it sounds like the person is underwater...