1. jostian

    SOLD Samsung Gear 360 camera

    Item name: Samsung Gear 360 camera Age and condition: , as new, few weeks old, but only 'played' with a tiny bit, best used with a Samsung phone. Pristine, enjoy 180 or 360 degree photos and videos, splash & dust proof. Very compact, will throw in this tripod (see photos), brand new, (never...
  2. Nivea

    Initio Networx?

    Hey guys, Initio Networx is about to begin laying fibre in my area, this was confirmed via email from the CEO to myself when I emailed them asking the legitimacy. Our area is South Crest, has anyone heard of this ISP before? Good or bad?
  3. F

    For Sale: Watercooling & NZXT Switch 810

    Item: XSPC EX360 Radiator Age: bought last year may Packaging: Original Retail Box Condition: Perfect Location: Bellville, CPT Reason: something smaller Shipping: On you, your cost Collection: Sure Price: Bundle, or PM me if you want some items Item: Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper...
  4. G

    XBox 360 - No power for wireless adapter

    I’ve recently bought a new 802.11n USB wireless adapter. When I plug it into my Xbox360, the light on the adapter doesn’t turn on (that is: no power). The adapter works perfectly on any PC, and I tried a bunch of other USB devices on my Xbox (including an old wireless adapter) and everything...
  5. G

    SA stadiums - 360 degrees virtual tours

    South Africa's soccer and rugby stadiums - view in 360 degrees. This view of a packed Newlands rugby stadium is quite impressive.
  6. G

    XFPS (keyboard & Mouse) for Xbox 360

    I've done some reading on the XFPS controller for the Xbox 360 that allows you to connect a keyboard/mouse to your Xbox. 50% of the people think it's an unbelivable product, the other 50% thinks it's a bunch of crap. Does anyone own such a controller/converter or used one before? Can...
  7. L

    An Xbox 360 Slim wishlist

    So I done an article on some features we'd like to see in a slim version of the 360. http://iafrica.com/technology/features/2355120.htm Yeah, didn't mean to sound like a shameless plug. But what would you like to see in a slim? I know this sounds like a pipe dream but wouldn't the ability...
  8. S

    XBox with no ring of light

    Brand new Jasper Xbox 360. Controller worked out-the-box. Tried to associate a second controller, but then realised that the ring of light on the console shows NO light. So the second controller would not associate. Tried to re-associate the original controller, and that failed. Now I have 2...
  9. P

    Xbox 360 To Get External Blu-ray Drive

    Not sure if this has been posted already but anyway... Linky ;)
  10. rpm

    Storage boost for Xbox

    Storage boost for Xbox