1. KingLuc

    Airtime being used for data despite having a data bundle

    I currently have 36gb left of a 50gb data bundle that I bought. Whenever I add R50 to make the occasional phone call the left over money slowly depletes. I have contacted Cell C and they have said my remaining money gets used for data. How is this a fair policy, if a policy at all? Also, I am...
  2. Rouxenator

    BidOrBuy threatens and abuses bidders [RESOLVED]

    Hi just had a coworker coming to me and telling me that he will never use BidOrBuy again because he got an email from you telling him that he is not allowed to bid on items I had on auction. In short the accused him of fraud. I was as shocked as my coworker but came to the conclusion that in...
  3. A

    Family is in major trouble and I'm grasping at straws desperately to help them

    Hi everyone, I guess this is another straw I'm grasping at here but maybe, just maybe I could get some good advice here. My family is in major trouble all around...it starts with my alcoholic, abusive, violent father...I don't really have to give you the long story as it sounds pretty much...
  4. briantw

    Is It Normal to Ignore abuse@mtn.co.za Emails?

    One of our websites was hacked on May 1st at 10:35, and it came from an MTN IP Address, The WHOIS registry entry for that IP address said that abuse of this nature should be addressed to "abuse at mtn dot co dot za". I sent an email on the 2nd of May, which was ignored. I sent...
  5. B

    What is going on at MWEB?

    I have opened up this thread to hear the views and opinions of users regarding MWEB's enforcement of their AUP, how and why you think it was enforced? As an MWEB customer of nearly 5-years (and someone who works in IT) AND a user who has been throttled :mad: I want to better understand this...
  6. LazyLion

    Cape Town boy whipped by Teacher

    Labour relations officials have been asked to investigate a teacher who apparently whipped a seven-year-old mentally handicapped boy with a plastic water pipe, the Daily Voice reported on Tuesday. Charne Dolf, 25, told the newspaper that her son Lee-Hagen arrived at their Cape Town home last...
  7. LazyLion

    Gauteng to fight drug abuse

    Gauteng will set up a task team to fight drug abuse in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg, premier Nomvula Mokonyane's office said on Wednesday. "This team will further discuss this matter and table possible solutions," said Mokonyane's spokesman Thebe Mohatle. President Jacob Zuma...
  8. I

    Cop in South Africa faces three child rape charges.

    And he still kept his job after the first 2 :D He bought the victim a KFC. WTF Food for sex. Where did I hear that before? Must be their cultcha. Savages . . . http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/cop-faces-three-child-rape-charges-1.1516029
  9. LazyLion

    Australia Arrest Priest on Paedophilia Charges

    Australian police arrested a Roman Catholic priest on pedophilia charges Monday, following months of negotiations to have him returned from the Vatican. A police statement said the 67-year-old priest, whose name has not been made public, presented himself at Victoria state police headquarters...
  10. LazyLion

    Fearing Abuse, US Blocks Generic Oxycontin

    U.S. health regulators will require generic versions of the best-selling painkiller OxyContin to include recent formulation changes designed to make the pill harder to abuse. The Food and Drug Administration said late Tuesday it would not approve any generic versions of OxyContin based on the...
  11. LazyLion

    Five Cops Arrested in Eastern Cape

    Five police officers were arrested for alleged drug dealing in East London on Wednesday, the Hawks said. All five were crime prevention officers working at the Mdantsane police station, said Captain Paul Ramaloko. It was alleged they raided the homes of drug dealers and then sold the...
  12. LazyLion

    Zuma Needs to move beyond Politics: Zille

    President Jacob Zuma must move beyond party politics and protect citizens from police brutality and abuse of power, DA leader Helen Zille said on Thursday. "I can only hope that while commemorating the events that took place over 50 years ago... President Zuma will recognise the importance of...
  13. LazyLion

    Abuse Victims Want Pope to Open Argentina Files

    Activists against abuses by Roman Catholic clergy urged Pope Francis on Tuesday to apologize for what they called the Argentine church's protection of two priests who were eventually convicted of sexually assaulting children. The U.S.-based Bishop Accountability group cited the case of Father...
  14. LazyLion

    ANC Councillor Arrested over Rape

    An ANC councillor was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl, North West police said. Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said the girl and her friend were walking back from a sports ground on Saturday when the 45-year-old councillor gave them a lift. He allegedly said he...
  15. LazyLion

    News Stories About Rape

    Just too many of these to make individual threads for all of them, so I'm just going to put them all in this thread. :(
  16. LazyLion

    COSATU to March Against Rape

    Cosatu will march against rape on Friday, said its general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi. "We need to do far more to combat the shocking level of rape, assault and murder of women and children," Vavi said on Thursday. He said the rape and murder of 17-year-old Anene Booysen in Bredasdorp, had...
  17. LazyLion

    No One Should be Raped in South Africa: Zuma

    Woman and children should not have to face violence or rape anywhere in South Africa, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday. "No woman or child should be beaten, raped, stabbed, shot or attacked in any manner anywhere in our country, whether by known or unknown attackers," he said in a speech...
  18. LazyLion

    Prophet Arrested for Rape in Soweto

    A 47-year-old prophet and his wife have been arrested in connection with rape of a woman in Zondi, Soweto, Gauteng police said on Wednesday. Warrant Officer Kay Makhubela said they were arrested on Tuesday, after a woman told the police she had consulted the prophet, and he had told her that...
  19. LazyLion

    Woman raped at police station

    http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/woman-raped-at-police-station-1.1474847#.USZv0meZZ8E Sounds terrible, and probably very likely, but in the absence of any other witnesses, the only thing the state has to go on is DNA evidence. I wonder if she went to get the evidence taken. Otherwise...
  20. LazyLion

    Attorneys to release confidential Boy Scouts files on alleged child sex abusers