1. R

    Accelerit for zoom fibre

    hi, any recommendation using accelerit isp with zoom fibre.
  2. Sharkssmart1

    The best and cheapest ISP packages via Vumatel

    Currently, I am in a position where I can't just change ISPs from one provider to another, but I feel like I just have to bite the bullet and change. That being said, I am certain everyone knows the stubbornness of Vumatel refusing to follow Openserve and Frogfoot's example by allowing other...
  3. DoringDraad

    Accelerit - Terrible service

    Good evening all. I wanted to share my experience and lack of service from, I placed an order with them in December and paid the installation fee. They got back to me telling me Vuma advises fibre isnt ready in my street. On 25 February I had Fibre installers at my front door...
  4. S

    fibre options

    Hi Guys Im not new to mybroadband, come here for all sorts of suggetions, right now my area (Raisthorpe, PMB) just completed the installation of fibre, its live and the provider is Zoom, they are offerin g a choice of three Service providers to choose from (Accelerit, Tech5, Mind the Speed)...
  5. L

    A Ghost terminated my Frogfoot line

    Seems like a ghost terminated my one @Frogfoot Fibre line. Being stonewalled from all sides. @Frogfoot Fibre does FF have a PAIA Manual, in terms of Section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000)?
  6. AcceleritZa

    Mpumalanga Fibre - DynamicFibre - Accelerit ISP

    Hello everybody - Finally we are super excited to announce we are available in the Mpumalanga region (Witbank, Middleburg and more to come soon) via Dynamic Fibre's network. Dynamic Fibre has already passed over 1000 homes in this region and all you need to do to get connected is apply via this...
  7. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit Business Fibre- Bloemfontein

    Hello Friends, We are excited to announce we now offer business broadband fibre services in Bloemfontein at IS data-center!! We are looking for ISP / Resellers / Integrators to offer our broadband services to their clients as an alternative and competitive product to the dull and old...