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  1. Jan

    TCL launching Android and Google TVs in South Africa in November

    TCL TVs launching in South Africa — including a 4K 65-inch for R11,999 Electronics manufacturer TCL has announced it will be launching its TVs in South Africa next month. The company is reputed in the US for its affordable, high-quality TVs, including the Roku models sold through
  2. Jan

    Best deals on TV streaming boxes for Netflix and DStv

    Best deals on TV streaming boxes for Netflix and DStv If you want to avoid needing a TV licence to buy a new smart TV in South Africa, but still want access to streaming video services such as Netflix, Prime Video, DStv, and Showmax, you will need a good media box connected to a monitor. You...
  3. Nod

    Nokia-branded Android TV box is official, packing a remote drowning in buttons

  4. I

    Link hisense smart tv to google home

    I have an hisense smart tv and would like to be able to control it with my google home mini. It would also be a plus if I could download android apps. I'm guessing it's better to add a smart tv box to the tv but is there any affordable tv boxes I'd be able to control with my google home or is it...
  5. J

    Best Google-certified Android TV boxes in South Africa

    Best Google-certified Android TV boxes in South Africa Android TV boxes can be a great addition to your home entertainment system, especially if you have a fast broadband connection. It is important to choose the right device, however, as many of these set-top boxes may not support all the...
  6. D

    Netflix on Skyworth 32E6 Android TV?

    Just bought a Skyworth 32E6 Android Smart TV and when i go to the google playstore and look for the Netflix app it doesn't show up?? Any idea if one can install Netflix and if so how? Help much appreciated :)
  7. GreatWmR

    Android TV Missing Channels

    I recently found out that you can update android TV so i updated mine from version 7 to 8 and ive grown to like the Home Channels thing it has going on but i see that other android TVs have a channel called watch next and mine seems to be missing, is it like this for everyone? (in channel...
  8. GreatWmR

    Skyworth Android TV Bluetooth Remote Replacement

    I bought a Skyworth TV not too long ago but it seems one button on the Bluetooth remote broke Is there any place i can buy a replacement? or does anyone know a fix? its the left button that broke
  9. J

    Do you own an Android TV box?

    Do you own an Android TV box? Which model do you own?
  10. J

    Do you have an Android TV box?

    Do you use an Android TV set-top box to watch Netflix, Showmax, etc. on your TV?
  11. YellowRandolf

    (Skyworth) Android TV vs. (Chrome-)Cast and which 65 or 55" to buy?

    I cut dstv and TV ties long ago and have been using a Chromecast stick on the HDMI port of my old 40" TV to watch Netflix/Primevideo/Youtube for all my video needs. I now want to get a bigger screen, as I'm sitting as far as 6 meters away from the TV, when watching and would love your advice...
  12. D

    (S) Xiaomi Mi Box (Android TV version, Chromecast built in)

    Item name (be very descriptive): Xiaomi Mi Box (Android TV version, Chromecast built in) Age and condition: Brand new, box is still sealed Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Imported a couple for friends & family, this one ended up as a spare Price: R1500...
  13. 1

    a simpler viewing experience wanted..........

    Have a dumb Samsung TV, a dumbish Samsung Home theatre for some nice sound, and an Apple TV - We are an Apple home - throw stones ye haters........ Watched Netflix for 4 years, because I refuse to pay Rxxx for DSTV as we're not sports crazy people. Flash forward to 2017 - got tired of the...
  14. S

    Minix neo u1 vs Mi Box

    Hi I am looking to add android tv to my entertainment center. I found that The Mi box and the Minix neo u1 looks like the best under R2000 I am know most of their specs but want to know more about the interface? Which would you buy or which have you bought? or is there a better one I am...
  15. isie

    Android Media player / Droid TV launcher - customizations Ideas

    Hi Guys I thought we can have a thread where you can show off how you have customised your Android media player Launchers as give tips to other users. I admit I'm a newbies on this so mines isn't anything special to look at.
  16. zaidmo

    Need development help on Android to warp the display

    Hi I am looking for someone to help me with some coding to warp the entire Android UI (across all apps on an Android TV device), or alternatively just one of the Android TV HDMI pass-through apps. Purpose: Allows me to display content from and Android Media Player onto a curved screen...
  17. Jan

    Sony Bravia TV range 2015 revamp

    Sony Bravia TV revamp for 2015 Joining LG and Samsung, Sony has announced its revamped line of television for 2015.
  18. Jan

    Android TV coming to Sony, Sharp, Philips

    Android TV announced, major manufacturers onboard Google has officially announced support for TVs in the latest version of Android.
  19. S

    Android TV box and DSTV drifta for android

    Hi, I am planning to buy android based tv stick/ box. I found Prestigio Multicenter box a good option. It is coming for around 1000 rands for mini stick and 1300 rands for the box. There are couple of no-name brands as well in the market with the same price range. 1. Can anyone suggest some...
  20. O

    Android TV stick - Similiar to the mk802 going for R999 for mybb users - see links Here is my ad - price if bough directly is R999 - PM for more info.