1. I

    Ubiquiti AP ceiling mounting

    Looking for someone who has the ceiling mount parts for the ufo style ubnt ap's I need 2-3 if anyone has some and aren't using theirs. Preferably Cape Town, Southern Suburbs -> Deep South, so I can collect. Will swap for a 750ml bottle of olive oil (I have some fresh from the farm). Cheers!
  2. M

    What access point can I use to control data usage and bandwith

    Hi I want to provide free internet access at my business for my customers. Is there an access point device that will automatically allocate a data usage cap and control bandwith to every device that connects to the wifi?
  3. Rinkhals

    Toto-link range extender, has anyone got the ipuppy 3 to work?

    I was looking for a range extender for my reasonably new Netgear N300 router and saw the Toto-link iPuppy 3 on bid-and-buy. It had good reviews on Amazon, only missing on 5 full stars on the quality of the Korean documentation. And therein lies the nub. I am finding it impossible to set up...
  4. F

    Looking for a wifi router that can act as a DNS

    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right forum for this question. For the last three decades I've been running my own servers in my local LAN. However, Linux on laptops, virtualization, cloud storage, web based services and other developments over the years have made this pretty much...