1. Hackson

    Paper based system to web based system for data collection

    Hi. I am going to be leading a team of 5 fresh from university graduates in the development of a web system from a paper based system. Are the following technologies which I have decided to go with the best? Also I am choosing these because they are the ones that we used at varsity...
  2. Palladium

    Senior Software and Web Developer

    Senior Software and Web Developer - East London / Johannesburg / Pretoria Location: East London though suitably qualified Johannesburg/Pretoria based candidates may apply REPORTS TO: Regional MIS Advisor ABOUT FUTURES GROUP: Futures Group Global is an international organization headquartered...
  3. D question

    Hi Guys Hoping someone can assist me.:D I have done very little programming a loong time back but what I need to do isn't hopefully too complicated. I am currently designing a simple web page that will allow a user to log in, enter data into two columns and submit data to a database...
  4. M

    Which is Easier to learn? PHP or ASP

    Which one is easier to learn and use? PHP or ASP?
  5. B

    asp vs php

    I am looking at doing a online reporting system in either asp or php both connected to their corresponding database SQL/ My SQL Which option is better I am thinking that this could become quite large and My SQL is open source where I think (not sure) that SQL has a limit right of 10 Gig or...