1. NeonNinja

    Telkom 4Mbps Uncapped FUP/AUP? Getting this @ home, what is the FUP/AUP, anyone know?
  2. O

    Web Africa Star rating system flawed?

    I have a 10Mbps uncapped home account with Web Africa and over the last 10 days, my average usage is less than 8GB per day during peak hours (6am-12am) yet I have a 2 star line rating. I spoke to someone from support and according to them, I have used 10.07GB during peak hours one day and that...
  3. R

    MWEB Connect Acceptable Usage Policy (Unethical Sales Tactic)

    Has anyone else gotten this "nice" message from MWEB? Here it is: Dear MWEB Customer We want to ensure you get the best possible Internet experience, by managing the quality of our network. We monitor the usage on our network and make sure that customers are not abusing certain defined...
  4. S

    Telkom Uncapped AUP Limit (They limit my 4mb to 1mb After 300GB Data)

    Today telkom phones me and says that i have used 300GB of data on my 4mb Uncapped Telkom Account (:D 550 kbps download, 8mb line sync). I just replied with , "ok". I have been downloading HD movies and series the entire month so i expected the large data consumption. After that , my speed was...
  5. K

    Axxess abusing their Terms and Conditions?!

    Since Axxess and Afrihost have switched over from IS to MTN there have been a few teething problems (understandable). Most of these seem to have been sorted out. One thing that I did not like about the switch was that Axxess had changed their acceptable use policy from the star rating system (a...
  6. jes

    R59 flat-rated Nokia data bundles - all the details

    R59 flat-rated Nokia data bundles - all the details All the details around Nashua Mobile’s Xtreme Data bundles
  7. S

    Do I need to understand MWEB's Accepptable Use Policy?

    It seems to me it's just a really tl;dr legal disclaimer to protect mweb from legal action :confused:
  8. A

    Afrihost ADSL Uncapped Cancellation Refunds

    This is a thread for all the ADSL users who want a refund for the uncapped package they no longer want. Please note that I will be sending an email tonight to all the people we have on record that will be refunded. If you not in the list, please do not instant message on MyBroadBand as...
  9. rpm

    Uncapped ADSL: How much data are you allowed to use?

    Uncapped ADSL: How much data may you use? We take a look at the uncapped ADSL ‘Fair Use Policy’ of the prominent ADSL ISPs in South Africa