Jan 3, 2011
I have a 10Mbps uncapped home account with Web Africa and over the last 10 days, my average usage is less than 8GB per day during peak hours (6am-12am) yet I have a 2 star line rating.

I spoke to someone from support and according to them, I have used 10.07GB during peak hours one day and that is why my star rating is so low.See below:

me: So the star rating does not use your average usage of the last 10 days but only takes in account the high usage day?
Zaheer Badroodien: 31st has 27.4GB with 17.33GB of after hours
Zaheer Badroodien: not the average
Zaheer Badroodien: that would allow people to "abuse" the network the one day
Zaheer Badroodien: then take it easy the others
me: So if I use 5mb for 9 days and 40gb on one day, I will have a bad rating for 10 days
Zaheer Badroodien: basically yes

But according to their AUP, this is how the star rating is calculated
Based on the users’ average usage, we prioritise the users’ bandwidth at different star levels within the bandwidth profile

It clearly states that it is average usage. So I am confused.

And where can one see in which percentile you are and how much data will push you over the threshold?

You could use 1GB a day and they can say you are in the top 10% because there is no way to see how much data is consumed by average users and how much will put you in the top percentile where your service gets degraded.

At least it is better than than the MTN network, yeah I'm looking at you Afrihost.

Response from Zaheer:
Zaheer Badroodien: looks like i was right(..about the spike usage..)

Also, he said the usage is linked to the speed of the line. 10Mbps can use 7-8GB per day without being punished:
Zaheer Badroodien:
the higher your uncapped account is the higher there is more leeway. Since you are on a 10Mbps uncapped account. To be healthy you can download 7 - 8GB during 06:00 - 00:00
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