1. M

    Mweb speeds

    Howzit guys, Sometime last year due to COVID, the company I work for decided to pay for our fibre lines so that we could work from home. We were given the base speed of 20/20 Mbps on the Mweb ISP. Now, because I wasn't paying for the fibre, I wasn't too fussed when the speeds were inadequate or...
  2. oros

    Absa wifi and other Hotspots

    Anyone tried using absa wifi Hotspot lately? No matter what you use it for, but is slow! So slow that it isn't usable at all! Not sure why. Other Hotspots is obviously better.
  3. RudderVator

    Telkom Slow international?

    Anyone else with Telkom ISP getting slow or intermittent connection especially to overseas servers around 22:30 or later the past two evenings? Speed test is normal but some pages dont load completely or certain platforms such as Instagram are problematic.
  4. oros

    Telkom Mobile internet slow again?

    Hi, anyone else also struggling with Telkom lte or mobile Internet being slow again? Mine very slow, especially with midnight data. Seems never to end or improve and telkom either takes too long to fix or never.
  5. L

    Slow wifi download speeds (2.4 ghz) but very quick upload.

    Hi, I am constantly bombarded by my family with complaints about the slow wifi speeds. My current set up is a Rain 5G antenna connected to a TP-Link Archer A6 to extend the range and cover most of the house. When I run a speedtest on my laptop situated next to the Rain 2.4 ghz network the...
  6. K

    Under 1Mbps on rain and connecting to tower 140KM away

    On the 4G Unlimited 24/7 Plan, usual speeds are between 4-9 Mbps Download and Upload around the same. The past week has been disgusting speeds, with ping spikes all the way up. Sometimes, you'll get the occasional high upload with bad download like this I went on their site and their...
  7. SuicideSheepZ

    Slow RAIN Speeds

    Hi need assistance I'm currently working from home and my speed is terribly slow need fixing ASAP. NEED TO GET BACK TO MY WORK , the associated email with the account is <removed> Thanks
  8. S

    5G Home Premium in Midrand is useless...

    This is my experience from RAIN 5G today in Midrand...restarted Radio multiple times. It is such a poor experience. I hate it that I cannot call someone at a support centre for assistance...this is such poor service.
  9. P

    Rain 5G Premium package is acctually ADSL 1Mb Package.

    I have the Rain 5G package and except for a glorious few minutes now and then of 350 Mb/s I tend to get slightly better than Adsl 10 Mb/s speeds on it. However since wednesday I have not had reliable service at all and during the day I seem incapable of having a stretch of more than 30 minutes...
  10. T

    Rain Speeds in Glentana/Groot Brak is unusable!

    Rain starts feeling like Telkom, advertising cheap deals with high data caps (unlimited) but then proceed to throttle (insert curse words here) the network. Speeds was decent (30mbps up and down, sometimes peaking at 70mbps with 25 ping) I present you with the speeds over the last few days...
  11. carstensdj

    Struggling with speeds on Telkom LTE

    Hey Forumites, Firstly, if this has been covered somewhere, please feel free to point me in the right direction. There's just too many posts to read through in a work day to sift and find the answers I'm looking for. My parents moved into a new place and were struggling to get Fibre in their...
  12. M

    Assistance with low performance laptop

    Hi there, I recently had the hard drive upgraded to an SSD and I also have had my memory increased to 8GB. My laptop is better but is still struggling with software at times. I decided to try the UserBenchmark PC Speed Test and my results are below: UserBenchmarks: Game 11%, Desk 27%, Work 18%...
  13. T

    Transferring an email from one ISP to another.

    Hi, I am currently using WebAfrica, but I want to switch to a different ISP. The only problem is that my brother is using a WebAfrica email account. Is there a way to transfer his WA email to a different ISP? ------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm very...
  14. W

    Vodacom Fibre

    Hi guys, I have been trying since last week to get my Vodacom Fibre speed back to the 50mbps that I have subscribed for. When I test on the M-Lab Speedtest I get 0.6mbps, on My Broadband Speedtest I get 20mbps. Still not getting 50mbps on either site. Video Streaming is out of the question. I...
  15. S

    Cool Ideas / Openserve Fibre - Poor Upload Speeds on TP-Link Archer C20 V4 [resolved]

    Hi guys I signed up for a 100mbps up / 50mbps down fibre line on the Openserve network in November. The line was installed quickly, and was very fast initially on both upload and download speeds. It was averaging 75-93mbps down, and 40-50mbps up. However, over the last few weeks, I noticed...
  16. D

    RAIN Fixed wireless throttled

    Hi, Is anyone else having issues with Afrihost fixed wireless being throttled? During peak times I get throttled to 1mbps. That was still useable, but lately it seems like they started balancing usage even more. Now I get 1mbps for 2 minutes, then it stops complety for 30 seconds. This continues...
  17. F

    DSTV Now Streaming quality

    Hi All Recently upgraded my ADSL line to Fibre and speed, latency, up time etc has improved significantly. However, my DSTV Now app (Desktop Browser) has struggled to stream at 720p, let alone full HD 1080p?? No issues on Youtube. DSTV Now actually performed better when I still had ADSL (8 mg...
  18. F

    21 MBS old modem beat the hell our of Vodacom 150MBS Wifi

    I am on the edge of Vodacom LTE coverage but 3g many kilometers around me and got a Vodacom 150Mbs Wifi today (deal say 40gb pm but actually only 20gb so another lie) At first I got 50kbs - 79kbs but later improve to 200 kbs but my old 21mbs modem got over 700kbps (and sometimes up to 1200...
  19. J

    Shaping or some other problem on Openserve (specifically Durban & surrounding areas)?

    I don't know where else to complain about this, my ISP (WebAfrica) is useless when I ask them to talk to Openserve considering I get the whole package through WebAfrica, I have zero communication channel with Openserve because they do not offer any support for end-customers, only ISPs. This is...
  20. Bryn

    Diabolical OneDrive upload rates?!

    I signed up for Office 365 Personal the other day and it includes 1TB OneDrive storage. Pretty nice, but probably not anyone's first choice as a cloud storage provider. Very quickly I encountered a serious issue: a maximum upload rate of 16Mbps. Google Drive can hit 50Mbps (the max my line...