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    Webafrica Incompetence

    To say Webafrica is useless is an understatement. I pay my webafrica, every month, via debit order, this month, on th 5th of October I get a suspension sms due to “non-payment”. I engage with the Whatsapp line, as for some inexplicable reason there’s no call centre. I get transferred from...
  2. V

    WebAfrica Billing Dispute - No Way to Resolve

    WebAfrica is possibly one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with, with zero ability to get through to a human besides their Whatsapp line. For several weeks I've been receiving threatening text messages about being reported to the credit bureau for a bill that I have never seen. I...
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    Having the WORST time with WebAfrica

    I've opened 4 tickets on the WebAfrica ticket system but I'm thinking of cancelling my line after the struggle I've been through. 2.5 weeks ago, my internet just stopped working. I called their call center and got the usual "we will look into it, please allow 3 days for resolution" BS that they...
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    Openserve Fibre line limited to 40mbps in some areas?

    Hi i need some clarification. Are some Openserve Fibre lines only limited to 40mbps? i am trying to upgrade my line to 100mbps and am told the line only supports up to 40mbps. is that true?
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    Web Africa vs Cool Ideas on SADV

    Hey Guys, I have been looking around in the forums and cant seem to find feedback specific to SADV for Web Africa and Cool Ideas. However, based on general feedback it seems as though Cool Ideas are far more superior based on overall client experience. Whereas, clients on Web Africa have...
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    Man I hate Web Africa

    OK so a while ago I was stupid enough to sign up with Web Africa. Last month on the 1st I cancelled my account, the confirmation went mail went to my wife's address. At no point was I asked to select a date as you have to cancel a month in advance. I am promptly charged for a router, which...
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    Sudden Slow LTE Speeds on Rain's network (Webafrica as provider)

    Hi, So i'm going to jump right into this (what might seem like a rant but more of a, checking if anyone else has experienced this). I recently moved to a new flat and I would love to hop onto a fiber network but that isn't an option since there's only 10Mbps ADSL :wtf: available in this...
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    OpenServe Fibre with WebAfrica is really crap!

    We live in an area where Telkom told us we are too far from the exchange to get ADSL faster than 2mb/s. We have had the adsl for two years and after an initial bumpy start (we had OpenServe come out about 5 times in a two week period) our ADSL worked very well for a 2mb line. We were very happy...
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    Web Africa Fibre feedback

    Considering getting Web Africa as ISP choice for fibre installation. Any good or bad stories? Alternatives are iConnect, Cool ideas and Vox.
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    Web Africa + OpenServe = Stay Away

    Just a friendly note to anyone who might be interested in fibre from Web Africa and Open Serve. Just stay away. Ive been having high latency. Unstable Internet, where it will disconnect for 5 seconds and then i have to restart everything to get it back up. This has been going on since the...
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    Transfer ADSL line from Telkom to Web Africa

    I would like to transfer my 8mb ADSL line from Telkom to Web Africa and I would like the transfer to take place from the end of this month (May). How do I go about initiating the transfer? Should I first contact Telkom and then Web Africa or both at the same time? Note: I am an internet...
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    WebAfrica - wasting my referral.

    Dear WebAfrica I'm not going to go into the convoluted story - just basically that a friend and partner of mine has been trying to get a dormant domain of his transferred (with hosting) to WA on my recommendation from VOX for revival and use. The domain for some reason needs to first be...
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    Web Africa Fibre installed and activated within 2 weeks

    Web Africa surprisingly has good service and their Fibre, although only 10mbps international, is still stable. I am getting 100mbps locally but that’s not where we consume content from but I got 50gb within 1.5 hours. OpenServe, a subsidiary of Telkom, is the proxy that installed the...
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    Best ISP to go with in Melville, thinking of cancelling Web Africa.

    Hi There, I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for so thought I would just create a new thread. If this has been answered a link would really be appreciated. But basically I got my parents fibre through open serve and Web Africa at their house, the process was terrible it took...
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    Webafrica fibre - zero feedback or interest

    I applied telephonically six weeks ago to Webafrica for a fibre connection at my new office. Telkom is the fibre provider in my building, but I wanted to go through Webafrica as they have managed my other lines and internet. Six weeks have passed and I still have no fibre connection, even...
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    Does WebAfrica suck?

    Hi Fellow Forum Members Overview: so here is my experience with Web Africa, i recently bought a small business and decided to make Web Africa my service provider. I signed up for a number of services including email, domain, website and fibre... I was very promptly answered with a generic...
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    How long does it take for Telkom to install ADSL line via Web Africa order?

    Hi, I applied for ADSL via Web Africa on 28 September 2015. Web Africa said it would take four to six weeks for Telkom to install a line. Once six weeks were up, I approached Web Africa to ask why there was no progress. Agent said it was escalated, but had no luck, and suggested I ask Telkom to...
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    Telkom FTTH Max Upload Speeds Lifted?

    Telkom's FTTH published download : upload ratio is 10:1. So if you have 100 Mb/s down you get 10Mb/s up regardless of ISP. One always got very close to the maximum upload speed regardless of time of day. In the last few weeks I have noticed that the maximum upload is now 25% of the download...
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    Web Africa SMTP servers blacklisted

    Is anybody else having problems with Web Africa's SMTP servers being constantly on one blacklist or another? There is one particular blacklisting with hotmail.com which has now been open with the Web Africa support team for over 2 weeks. The problem remains unsolved!
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    WEBAFRICA Pathetic Service

    WebAfrica has overcharged me 10 days ago. I went to all the trouble to explain what is wrong. It is clearly a billing issue. The billing issue has not been sorted out. Today I get an update that it has been referred to the Technical Department by Kevin Batchelor . Why ? it clearly is a Billing...