1. M

    ADSL Available or Discontinued?

    I stay in Parklands, close to the Sandown Checkers, and I want to know when ADSL lines will be discontinued or if they have already been discontinued in the area? Any information would be very helpful on this matter.
  2. D

    Recommendations - ISP's with high availability (uninterrupted service)

    With ADSL it was difficult to have a service which stayed up for very long. However, with Fibre, consumers can now look forward to having a service with high availability, that is seldom interrupted. This makes them suitable for small/home businesses and demanding users. The problem is that...
  3. S

    Worcester Telkom ADSL ports in very Short Supply!

    Applied for a ADSL line in the Fairy Glen area of Worcester. Apparently there are no ports availible in the entire Worcester. Telkom is unable to tell me when new ports are planed to be available nor when upgrades are able to be made to accommodate new ports. I start my (adsl dependent) job om...
  4. F

    Woodstock Cape Town. No ADSL available?

    Hi guys, :mad: :mad: :mad: I just moved into a new place and have been trying to get my ADSL setup. It seems that there is no availability for this area; the phone operator and the "DSL availability checker" both claim this. Only at the end of the fiscal year will they _maybe_ upgrade it...
  5. R

    Number of developers for PHP vs Python

    I'm well aware of the differences, benefits and disadvantages of using PHP vs Python. What I'm interested in finding out is the number of skilled South African developers for each language, and whether there are a significantly higher number of developers skilled in one vs the other language...
  6. L

    Vodacom iPhone 4 Availability Fail

    My question is: does anyone know of any Vodacom Shops in Cape Town that have the iPhone 4 in stock? A little background... Today, after much deliberation, I went to Canal Walk mall in Cape Town with the aim of signing up for Vodacom's R299/month iPhone 4 deal simply because it's so cheap. Said...
  7. jes

    Samsung Galaxy tablet, Galaxy S2 pricing and availability announced

    Samsung Galaxy tablet, Galaxy S2 pricing and availability revealed Android tablets and Galaxy S2 smartphone
  8. jes

    Nexus S pricing and availability information revealed

    Nexus S pricing and availability information revealed Vodacom reveals the pricing and availability information for Google's Samsung-built Nexus S Android smartphone, which features a surprising screen choice
  9. jes

    Why did SA have to wait so long to get the iPad?

    Why did SA have to wait so long to get the iPad? The iPad launched in the US in April 2010 but only came to South Africa in January 2011. How long will we wait for the iPad 2?
  10. jes

    iPad officially arrives in SA; pricing is aggressive

    iPad officially arrives in SA; pricing is aggressive Core group, official distributor of Apple products in South Africa, is launching the iPad tomorrow at very competitive prices
  11. jes

    LG Optimus One: Availability and pricing details

    LG Optimus One: Availability and pricing details The mid-range Android 2.2 “FroYo” device from LG launches in South Africa today and we have all the details
  12. Rouxenator

    Your favorite car not sold in SA ?

    With the advent of the internet many people got the chance to learn a lot more about the model ranges of car makers. Some models are sold under different model or brand names in other countries with different spec levels - often better than what we get here in SA. For example, did you know the...
  13. Rouxenator

    Nokia N8 (best phone evar) starts shipping

    http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_n8_starts_shipping_on_time_on_its_way_to_fulfil_preorders-news-1963.php Source : http://www.nokia.com/press/press-releases/showpressrelease?newsid=1447809
  14. Rouxenator

    Your best uptime?

    Windows XP on a P3 550Mhz and 256MB RAM - runs PABX and building access control software. Uptime 293days and counting :
  15. F

    Burgundy Estate: ADSL Availability update

    Hi All Just like to update you on my own findings RE: burgundy estate and ADSL. I bought a place on the far end of Burgundy Estate in Indigo Drive. I noticed the property has a drawbox outside, usually used for telephone lines. I went to the Telkom shop in Canal Walk yesterday to find out...