bad customer service

  1. shifttymike

    Axxess is trolling me

    Back in 2017 I had endless issues trying to get Openserve fibre through Axxess, where there was a fault, the fault was repaired and the order marked as complete when they hadn't actually pulled fibre to my apartment yet - just fixed the fault. I spent nearly 3 months trying to get them to create...
  2. C

    Man I hate Web Africa

    OK so a while ago I was stupid enough to sign up with Web Africa. Last month on the 1st I cancelled my account, the confirmation went mail went to my wife's address. At no point was I asked to select a date as you have to cancel a month in advance. I am promptly charged for a router, which...
  3. A

    MTN. "Taking from the poor, ......"?

    We're laymen and not too proficient regarding technical issues. A pensioned family member moved from a Telkom ADSL line, to pre-paid mobile broadband data, to a 24 month data contract through MTN Hyde Park (in November '14, using an existing Huawei 3G WiFi dongle). Previous average data...
  4. M

    OpenWeb ADSL Feedback Thread

    Hey Friends, Please post your feedback into this thread regarding the OpenWeb ADSL products :)
  5. H

    Cell C, pathetic service and overcharge

    I have got a 2Gig contract from Cell C for R149 per month from August 2012. I have been billed R149 right from then, my internet was caught out on the 30.03.2012 of March and when I called Cell C to find out why? They told me I have been hot lined and my outstanding account is R1600.00 I must...