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  1. Jan

    5 out of 9 South African banks don't charge extra for rand payments to Netflix and Spotify

    These banks charge extra fees for rand payments to Netflix, Spotify and other online services Most South African banks don't charge additional transaction fees for rand-based payments to international merchants, despite charges levied by payment provider schemes like Visa and Mastercard. FNB...
  2. Jan

    Zero-fee bank accounts compared

    South Africa's R0 monthly fee bank accounts compared South Africans have six entry-level bank accounts to choose from that don't come with any set monthly fee. Improved digital capabilities have enabled existing big banks and new upstarts to offer banking services at very low costs.
  3. Jan

    App-based banking fees comparison

    App-based banking in South Africa — how fees differ between banks All of South Africa's prominent banks offer app-based banking with varying fee structures, charging different amounts for basic payments, prepaid purchases, debit order disputes, and instant transfers. MyBroadband compared the...
  4. Jan

    Disabling tap-to-pay on bank cards - why FNB doesn't let you

    All but one of South Africa's major banks let customers disable tap-to-pay FNB is the only major bank in South Africa that doesn't let customers disable tap-to-pay on their payment cards. Although "Tap and Go" payment technology for bank cards was beneficial during the Covid-19 pandemic, many...
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    Michael Jordaan's best investment - and his smartphone of choice

    Michael Jordaan reveals his best investment — and which phone he uses Michael Jordaan is one of South Africa's most respected and successful businessmen — and for very good reasons. Under his tenure as CEO, FNB was named the most innovative bank globally, and it became the bank of choice in...
  6. Jan

    Bank Zero's cools on 100,000 customer target

    Bank Zero's plans for 2022 South Africa's digital banking newcomer Bank Zero plans to enhance its services with new features for businesses and individuals in 2022. Bank Zero launched in October 2021, following a closed testing period starting in August 2021, during which applicants had to...
  7. Jan

    Bank Zero vs Discovery Bank vs TymeBank - digital banks compared

    South African digital banks compared — TymeBank vs Discovery Bank vs Bank Zero South Africans searching for a bank that doesn't require branch visits for several services can opt for one of the country's digital banks. The country has seen the launch of several digital banks in recent years...
  8. Jan

    2022 Bank Charges Report released

    Cheapest banks in South Africa The Solidarity Research Institute has released its 2022 Bank Charges Report, revealing that TymeBank is the cheapest bank in the country. Solidarity economic researcher, Theuns du Buisson, said the report revealed that digital banks TymeBank and Bank Zero offered...
  9. Jan

    Bank Zero launches - no more waiting list

    Bank Zero opens fully and unveils 2022 pricing Bank Zero is now fully open for business, and the Bank Zero App is freely available in the App Store and in the Google Play Store.
  10. Jan

    Bank Zero's top dogs

    Don't bet against Bank Zero Bank Zero launched to the public on 10 August, offering a bank account with no monthly subscription fee and low transaction costs. Bank Zero has a unique offering. It has no bank branches and relies entirely on its smartphone app for most transactions and engagements.
  11. Jan

    Bank Zero vs TymeBank fees and services compared

    Bank Zero vs TymeBank — Battle for the best affordable digital bank South Africa's newest digital bank, Bank Zero, offers few features and pricing benefits over TymeBank, another digital-focused which launched more than two years ago, a MyBroadband comparison has shown. Following Bank Zero's...
  12. Jan

    Bank Zero - how a bank that charges no fees makes money

    How Bank Zero makes money Bank Zero founder Michael Jordaan said while they have no fees on many transactions, they make money through interest rate margins and interchange fees. On Tuesday, Bank Zero officially launched to the public, offering a bank account with no monthly subscription fee...
  13. Jan

    Bank Zero tested

    We tested Bank Zero and it was impressive Bank Zero recently invited journalists to a closed beta test and the experience was impressive — from opening our accounts and receiving our debit cards, to the features the bank offers through its app. We signed up for an account and tested the bank's...
  14. Jan

    Bank Zero goes live with "throttled" launch

    Bank Zero is here Following multiple delays and years of controlled testing, South Africa's newest digital bank, Bank Zero, officially launched to the public on Tuesday. Access to the app will be "throttled" initially, the bank said, to ensure that staff responsible for verifying FICA...
  15. J

    What Bank Zero will offer South Africans

    What Bank Zero will offer South Africans Bank Zero is a latecomer to the South African digital banking market, but it is confident its value proposition will be good enough to convince new customers to sign up. Bank Zero was first unveiled in January 2018 by founders Michael Jordaan and Yatin...
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    The FNB dream team who built Bank Zero

    The FNB dream team who built Bank Zero Bank Zero is ready to shake up South Africa’s banking market with innovative and affordable digital banking products. It recently unveiled its pricing for individual and business customers and is preparing for a public launch later this year.
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    How Bank Zero's prices compare with Discovery Bank and TymeBank

    How Bank Zero's prices compare with Discovery Bank and TymeBank Bank Zero has published its pricing guide for its individual and business customers, revealing how much users will be charged for their banking activities. Bank Zero only offers one account type, stating it does not believe in the...
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    Bank Zero – The latest details

    Bank Zero – The latest details Bank Zero plans to launch a controlled public beta early in the second half of 2020. This is according to Bank Zero co-founder Michael Jordaan, who told MyBroadband those who join this public beta will be selected from interested parties who supplied their...
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    Bank Zero debit card goes live

    Bank Zero debit card goes live Bank Zero has officially gone live with its debit card, which it said is the last step in completing its core value proposition. Following this launch, the bank will conduct rigorous security and system by simulating card attacks and testing card fraud detection.
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    Bank Zero launch delayed until next year

    Bank Zero launch delayed until next year The public launch of Bank Zero has been delayed until next year, according to CEO Yatin Narsai. Bank Zero has been in beta testing since March, and its initial launch date was set for the second half of 2019.