1. Nod

    What's New in Bash Parameter Expansion

    Source: more at the link
  2. Nod

    You don't know Bash: An introduction to Bash arrays

    Source: Very nice article on how to use arrays in bash.
  3. V

    Junior to Mid-level Java and/or C/C++ Software Developer (R25K-R40K p.a. CTC)

    Company overview We are a fast growing and dynamic telecommunications software development company with around 40 staff members consisting mostly of highly experienced and skilled solution architects, software developers, and support engineers. We specialise in high performance robust Telco...
  4. J

    Linux System Administrator and 3rd Line Support - CPT 25-40 CTC

    Technology Solutions Company looking for a professional individual with the right attitude and ambition for a position at a large retailer. Expected output: Become part of the team at a tier 1 retail organisation. Responsible for administering and enhancing the Nagios implementation...
  5. J

    Technology Specialist (Linux) - Cape Town.

    Technology Solutions Company looking for a skilled individual for a position at a Large retailer Competitive Salary dependant on your experience Required Skills: Linux specialist (SuSE enterprise server experience advantageous) - min 5 years experience 3rd Level support for Linux...
  6. Nod

    Command history timestamps

    Ever tried to find out what people did on the server? Have you found the offending command, but do not know when it was done? Set the following environment variable: export HISTTIMEFORMAT='%F %T - ' When you execute `history`, the output will will now look like: 1072 2013-03-25...
  7. Nod

    Bash: Variable variables

    Sometimes it is needed to make use of variable variables. Lets say you want to build up a variable name by using another variable. The first part of the variable is always the same (CMD in this case), but you have an incremental number behind it. If we have: # CMD1=one # CMD2=two #...
  8. DrJohnZoidberg

    Startup script to swap between PPPOE connections (for Afterhours uncapped)

    I recently moved over to an afterhours account because I'm not really ever at home before 7pm. The only problem is that the after hours uncapped account is throttled to 192kbps during the day which is pretty useless if I want to ssh or ftp remotely or if I am at home that day and want to browse...