1. B

    BF6 Trailer Song and Info

    Near future modern combat. 120 Player Maps Crossplay TOTAL physics Destruction Real-Time Natural Disasters (Fighting in Tornado etc) PC/Next-Gen Only. Instead of fighting for Nations, you fight in proxy PMCs, total customization. BR mode going F2P like Warzone, launching after main title.
  2. VoidZA

    New Streamer and gaming video creator

    Hey guys! VoidZA here and this is my new youtube channel. I will be uploading and streaming gameplays of Fortnite,Battlefield,Call of duty,PUBG as well as vlogs and more. Please subscribe to my channel:D Thanks
  3. M

    Ping Spikes, Have changed ISP and still the same, anybody care to help a noob?

    Hi Guys, I am on a 4MB uncapped line and am getting crazy ping spikes when I play battlefield online on Xbox, sometimes it shoots up to 2274. I changed my ISP from crystalweb to telkom home unlimited and am still getting the exact same problem. The router I am using is a Huawei HG532S...
  4. Y

    Le PC Gamers

    I'm a moderator on small discord server, Le PC Gamers. Started as a gaming server amongst friends, then they brought more friends and I thought that making friends through a medium we all enjoy is a great thing. From the name you can tell we mainly play PC games but we do not mind people that...
  5. Cpt Jack Celliers

    BF2142 is back online

    So a group of fans in the States have set up a Battlefield 2142 server including unlocks, leaderboard etc. The server is in Texas, and a New York server on its way. Ping from SA varies between 150 - 300+ (on Telkom ISP) but I am enjoying the gameplay regardless. You may not be able to beat the...
  6. C

    CDT Community

    Hi all :D CDT is looking to the community, any players are welcome even if you just starting out we will help you improve. Our main games are dota, LOL and we have been playing alot of GTA V.We do compete but at the same time we are a community so we take time of to enjoy other games to...
  7. F

    HinterLAN 2016

    Hey guys, we will be hosting a FPS LAN from 7-8 January in Pretoria (Kameeldrift area). Games we will be playing is CoD4, MW2, BF3, BFBC2 (all offline LAN). There are 40 seats available, R30 entry and R20 fee for the tournament. You can send an email to for more info.
  8. T

    Sexy Fresh YouTube Channel <3

    Evening gents! Just showcasing some of my work and saying hi :) I thought you battlefield guys / girls might enjoy my channel over here. If you enjoy wacky, silly and decent (possibly) game-play, gimme a sub <3 Critique is welcome :3
  9. jes

    High-accuracy, through-wall, 3-D motion tracking

    High-accuracy, through-wall, 3-D motion tracking Technology could revolutionize gaming, fall detection among the elderly, and more – by Abby Abazorius
  10. G

    Xbox 360 250 GB brand new boxed

    Xbox 360 black console 250 GB. Brand new. Still boxed. Accessories included. Controller included. Will throw in Battlefield 3 premium. R2200 cash
  11. H

    Sony Playstation Servers South Africa

    Fellow Gamers, I am a die hard console gamer and do most of my gaming on the PS3. With the imminent release of the PS4 I investigated the possibility of getting SA hosted gaming servers for the Playstation. I initially contacted EA Europe, and they put me in touch with EA SA. EA SA in turn...
  12. LazyLion

    UN Report wants Moratorium on Killer Robots

    By PETER JAMES SPIELMANN Killer robots that can attack targets without any human input "should not have the power of life and death over human beings," a new draft U.N. report says. The report for the U.N. Human Rights Commission posted online this week deals with legal and philosophical...
  13. NomNom

    Getting Random Lag on Web Africa Home Uncapped

    For what seems like a week now I have been getting random lag while playing Battlefield 3 on Webafrica Home Uncapped 384kbps. My ping would be 70ms+- and then would suddenly jump to 450ms+- now and then. My game becomes unplayable while this happens then about 20 or 30 seconds later it would...
  14. G

    Battlefield 3 !

    Hi Everyone Ive been reading My BB articles and posts for years, and Ive finally decided to join. Anyway, is anyone as excited as I am for the release of Battlefield 3? I think the game ia going to be absolutley amazing and im counting down the days. Does anyone know the exact time and...
  15. H

    Cheating in BF2

    :confused:Howdy guys apologies for bringing up a sticky and possibly silly topic, but has anyone noticed same strange on goings on the IO servers lately, like last night, we were unable to make any squads, not being able to spawn on squad leaders and some guys with incredible accuracy... I...
  16. D

    Battlefield 2 map problems?

    I bought Battlefield 2 from one of my friends. He has the original. He also gave me a mod called Bf2SP64__232 and bf2_jetpowered_1.0_client. I install Battlefield 2 and it works fine. I then install the map pack mod (Bf2SP64__232) and it doesnt load the maps. The game crashes whenever I try to...
  17. D

    Battlefield 2!?!??!?! Wake Island help..

    Hi.. I am having problems with my Wake Island 2007 map on Battlefield 2. Would anyone be kind enough to zip the whole map from C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\levels and email it to me!?! the email is if you are going to email it please post a reply on this...