1. Jamie McKane

    Bidorbuy sells stake in PayFast

    Bidorbuy sells stake in PayFast Bidorbuy has sold its stake in PayFast to the Kenyan-based DPO Group for an undisclosed price. Bidorbuy was the largest shareholder in PayFast, which is a payment processing service that enables the online transfer of funds between buyers and sellers.
  2. A

    Yah, Bidorbuy bans a community because of one user!

    I wonder if anyone else experienced this. I was trying to register on bidorbuy since a lot of my relatives and friends used it. One of their accounts were disabled for listing a product as genuine (some expensive brand) and it turned out it was not genuine. It was an honest mistake cause she...
  3. Jamie McKane

    Bidorbuy announces first Black Friday deals

    Bidorbuy announces first Black Friday deals Over 100 discounted products are live on Bidorbuy as part of its Black Friday 2018 week of sales. Discounts are available on a variety of products, ranging from cellphones and gaming consoles, to fashion and furniture.
  4. Jamie McKane

    Biggest discounts ever on Bidorbuy for Black Friday 2018

    Biggest discounts ever on Bidorbuy for Black Friday 2018 Bidorbuy announced that it is preparing for a record-breaking number of online shoppers on Black Friday 2018. “We believe that consumer interest will be at its highest this year”, said Bidorbuy CEO Jaco Jonker.
  5. bchip

    Bid or Buy - FICA?

    Hi Recently made a purchase on bidorbuy - first time ever. After the transactions on a debit card was processed (so they have card number & all details) It came through that to complete the transaction I need to email them - Copy of ID - Proof of Residence - Copy of the credit card...
  6. N

    Selling on Bid or buy or Takealot

    Anyone sell on bid or buy or Takealot? any advice for getting started?
  7. J

    Confirm GMart as legitimate store on bidORbuy?

    Please help me confirm the store GMart from bidORbuy? (link below) I want to contact them as I am in Johannesburg from Wednesday and do not need delivery. I also don't find anyway to contact them other than the 'ask a question' button which to me I would like to speak on the phone just to...
  8. Zoomzoom

    Notice to All BidorBuy Sellers

    I have to get this off my chest and if it is in the wrong part of the forum, I apologise but I can't find a better place to put this. So after buying on BidorBuy for a while, I have no complaints about the process or products - buyer beware and know your prices will cover you from most...
  9. Rouxenator

    I got shafted by BidOrBuy

    Branching this story into a thread of it's own. You may have seen Bid Or Buy getting mentioned quite a few times here : Heed those warnings and the one below So let me share...
  10. W

    Illegal Microsoft Software?

    I've been browsing through bidorbuy and have noticed a number of Microsoft products being sold at less than 7% of it's MSRP. Is this legal? Link below:
  11. Newsfeed

    We are not breaking any payment rules – Bidorbuy

    We are not breaking any payment rules – Bidorbuy Bidorbuy has disputed allegations that it is contravening any Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) policies and rules related to sorting at source.
  12. S

    Is down or dead? [NO]

    Maybe I missed something, but is BoB down / dead? I'm on Telkom LTE and everything else works fine. Local & International. Tried changing DNS to Google, IS, Telkom & OpenDNS. Seems their redirect is not working as it should...
  13. Rouxenator

    BidOrBuy threatens and abuses bidders [RESOLVED]

    Hi just had a coworker coming to me and telling me that he will never use BidOrBuy again because he got an email from you telling him that he is not allowed to bid on items I had on auction. In short the accused him of fraud. I was as shocked as my coworker but came to the conclusion that in...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Bidorbuy adds bitcoin as a payment method

    Bidorbuy adds bitcoin as a payment method It is now possible to purchase products on Bidorbuy using bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.
  15. skimread

    Why does bidorbuy not insist on laptop serials?

    I have been looking recently at bidorbuy and some sellers sell so many 2nd hand laptops daily for really cheap in these short 2 day auctions. On the items I checked they do list the market price but the items are typically sold for not even a 5th of the market value. When you google their...
  16. T

    My very own BidOrBuy-like website

    Hi I want to start my own BidOrBuy/Ebay-like auction website! I know this is pretty ambitious and or stupid! To compete with them!? Well like Walt Disney said " I like to do the impossible!" The auction part is crucial to my business model. Maybe I will bring in a 'buy now' model/option...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Bidorbuy sells its first iPhone 6s in South Africa – here’s how much it went for

    Bidorbuy sells its first iPhone 6s in South Africa – here’s how much it went for Local online marketplace Bidorbuy has sold its first iPhone 6s in South Africa.
  18. Rouxenator

    BidOrBuy (and the idiots that run it)

    One of my major gripes with BidOrBuy is stuff listed in the wrong categories. I have taken up this matter with BidOrBuy many times only to be told that I should rather use the search function or some other pathetic excuse. Bottom line is they don't care and they don't have the slightest...
  19. NeonNinja

    Negative rating on a SNC

    So a user decides to put a negative rating on me, because I didn't go through with an item he advertises on his BoB. I've never had such on my previous SNC's. What course of action can I take as a result of this?
  20. QuintonB

    Apple Watch for sale on Takealot

    Crazy price for Apple Watch from Takealot Takealot is now selling three variants of the Apple Watch