1. S

    Vodacom Crap service

    Hi all. Is here possibly a Vodacom Rep on these forums? I am having a tough time getting through to collections. They constantly dropping the calls. My wife and my accounts fell into arrears and thus our lines were locked and then devices blacklisted. We have since paid the full amounts owed...
  2. S

    Vodacom Blacklists Phones

    Vodacom recently blacklisted my phone across all providers in the country. I am on prepaid, and have been using the phone FOR YEARS. On logging a case - I was informed there was outstanding balance to pay - but they could not give me amount, bill, invoice or any details. Closed case and refused...
  3. Nimz

    Blacklist check - Samsung

    Is there a way to check the IMEI status of a phone? Situation: Staff member bought a Samsung A20 Dual Sim phone from Cash Crusaders about a month back Everything was working fine until today, it says SIM 1 not allowed so she thought it was the SIM that was faulty and did a SIM swap issue still...
  4. S

    Edgars Blacklisted me for Mobile Content Fee while they were supposed to cancel it

    I have been a loyal client of Edgars for about 15 years now. I have always paid my account diligently and because I know I have an account with Edgars and that I regularly ow them money, I would go and pay on time every month after receiving my salary. September 2018 I settled my account and...
  5. S

    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    Hi guys, Bought an iPhone 7 Plus from a mutual friend, someone who I trust(ed) to not sell me stolen goods. Phone came all neat in the box, all accessories there, serial checked out fine and there’s no issues with iCloud. He even showed me the proof of purchase slip (1 yr old phone, for the...
  6. D

    Afrihost - Worst Customer Service

    Afrihost & MTN - Worst Customer Service Following my previous mybroadband post, I have not received any response from Afrihost on this platform. I also sent through a PM that has not been responded to. I took some time to write out everything that has happened up until now, for the sake of...
  7. D

    Afrihost/MTN Refusing to blacklist stolen device

    My iPad Air 2 Wifi & Data was stolen in the first week of December last year. I have been trying to have it blacklisted for two months but Afrihost has constantly made excuses for not doing it. Now Afrihost has stopped responding to my emails altogether (for the last week). In the last two...
  8. jes

    SA telemarketers blacklisted

    Over 100 SA telemarketers blacklisted More than 100 telemarketing companies have been blacklisted for debiting consumers for services they did not provide, reports the Payments Association of SA
  9. J

    SABC blacklisting complaint withdrawn by FXI

    SABC blacklisting complaint withdrawn A complaint regarding a blacklist of commentators has been withdrawn by the Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI)
  10. J

    Google drops The Pirate Bay from autocomplete list

    Google shuns The Pirate Bay Google has shunned the Pirate Bay by removing it from its search suggestions bar
  11. SupaMonkey

    Reporting SPAM

    I was just curious - how many of you out there report SPAM? I mean, I understand not reporting "spoofed spam"/viagra spam, etc. But how about local (and international) spam. It annoys the crap out of me and I receive tons of it - but I take the time out to report it to in...
  12. Necuno

    Amazon blacklists south africa's post office

    *waves* @ amazon iol businessday ... see we only get priority...