1. B

    BB Curve 9320 vs 9360 which one is best option?

    Hi all My mom can upgrade at vodacom and she really wants a BB. I'm not at all a BB man and don't think a lot of them but really need help from owners with experience with these devices. The curve 9320 is a newer phone which came out mid 2012, it got launched with OS7.1 and it has a big 1450 mAh...
  2. J

    Bold 9780 "Cracked" LCD? Help please!

    Hi All! I need some advice on how to handle this issue with a Blackberry 9780 and VodaCare. I upgraded on 20/04/11 and received a BlackBerry 9780. On 15/05/11 (in less than a month) the LCD Screen failed. I took it in to VodaCare on 16/05/11 where I was told that I must have cracked the...
  3. B

    "Sticky" Blackberry 9700 trackpad

    The trackpad on my one year old BB9700 has started acting up recently, and I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues? Pressing the trackpad to select something results in 2/3 'clicks' on the item every time and some really irritating consequences, a little like a sticky...
  4. C

    Blackberry Bold 9780 opinions needed please

    Hi all, I will be getting my vcom upgrade in less than 30 days. I am considering the BB 9780 but I also found out that the Bold touch will be coming out later this year. And according to sources, it will feature a 640*480 screen res + 1ghz processor. So the question is should I rather wait...
  5. jes

    The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is available in SA

    The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is available in SA The new BlackBerry Bold 9780 is on sale in South Africa, but not through official channels
  6. J

    Imported Blackberry phones - Would you buy them?

    So, would you? If it came with a 1 year replacement warranty from the seller? I'm asking about the Bold 9700 and Torch 9800 in particular.
  7. Alwyn Swart

    Blackberry Bold 9700 any good?

    Good day all, I'm eligible for upgrade this Saturday the 19th of June 2010 and would like to go for the Blackberry Bold 9700... My question is, is this the 'best' Blackberry? Is it worth buying? I currently own a HTC Tytn II and I'm sick and tired of Windows Mobile... well that and the...
  8. skuzzy

    Bold 9700 Official Vodacom OS

    Hi The other day my phone got nicked, anyway, got a 9700 now. Had a look on the official BlackBerry downloads for Vodacom and found a fairly new-ish release.. OS which I'm keen to upgrade to. Now, has anyone else upped to this? Did you have issues downloading the actual OS...
  9. B

    Blackberry App World cannot connect

    Hi, I have just aquired for the wife a BB Bold 9700. I have activated the BIS and her email/facebook/gtalk etc is all working 100%. Now I want to install some other Apps and want to go into the App World, but whenever I go in it says: "Blackberry App World is having trouble connecting to the...
  10. rpm

    BlackBerry goes HSDPA

    BlackBerry goes HSDPA