1. C

    UNISA-BSc General worth it?

    Good day, I was registered for BSc Maths and Information system and I changed to BSc General majoring in Decision sciences (Quantitative Modelling) and Information systems because I am a financial adviser and I see value in business modules, which most BSc grads lack. I did pure maths in 2nd...
  2. G

    Unisa Research: Software Defects Survey

  3. Johnatan56

    Studying at University

    Hello everyone, I have been having doubts about my study choice, not about the field but where and exactly what I am studying. I am currently studying my first year at CPUT ICT. This is a three year diploma (assuming technical). What is actually the difference if I would study a Bsc at UCT...
  4. A

    Doing a triple major BSc via UNISA

    Hi guys, I realise that there is already a UNISA thread, but I figure that this would get more exposure since the people who may be able to answer this may not be active in that thread. I intend on doing majors in Applied Math, Statistics and Computer Science via UNISA. What I want to know...
  5. T


    I currently want to study IT next year and im between CTI and UNISA ? CTI offers me a BSc in IT wich covers just about everything wich is ideal, but UNISA has :erm: BSc Information Technology and Computer Science: Computational Intelligence Stream (02089 - ICI) Bachelor of Science...
  6. A

    Varsity application

    Hi I think my future is down the drain and its out of my control...uh my problem is that next year i will be in matric and i should apply to varsity but my grade 11 results arent what i had expected especially for the main problem is that i want to apply for theoretical...
  7. S

    Advice: BSc with UNISA

    Hi everyone :) TL;DR I need help with finding out information on modules offered in UNISA's BSc degrees. When I went to varsity I wanted to do a BSc of sorts, but didn't have funding to do it. I ended up doing a BCom Accounting cos all the companies were thrrowing money at students to...
  8. M

    Confused cross platform mobile developer.

    Hi, I am a confused cross platform mobile developer in windows mobile, android, BlackBerry :love:* my fav *, iOS and Symbian. I have self-taught most of it. Learned java on my own, as well, and other programming languages. I love programming and wish to further my qualifications. I did the...
  9. shooter69

    BSC Informatics Group

    Bookmark this thread on your pc and phone! This thread will be for current/Future and old BSC Informatics students to help each other and just general chat.