car registration

  1. T

    Bought car without papers

    Hi, if anyone can assist with the below situation I'd really appreciate it! We bought a car, and the only documents we got were the vehicles registration document. The seller of car is not the original owner but we do have contact with the original owner. The car is not stolen, but was sold...
  2. 5

    Dealership struggling to get Car registered

    Sorry for the long post, but I need some urgent advice on a serious issue with my newly purchased car: During the last week of November 2019, I purchased the vehicle from a local reputable dealership. note: This was a financed purchase. On the day of collection I had been informed by the...
  3. Arthur AnymoreDonuts

    Registration, licensing and on the road

    Evening, What is a reasonable cost charged for registration, licensing and on the road costs. My wife is in the process of purchasing a new vehicle and the quote shows R6,536-80 for these costs. I feel this is way too much and would really appreciate some feedback in this regard.
  4. C

    Car registration and scrapping

    Hi I bought an opel corsa bakkie 4 years ago. The owner took it off his name but i failed to put it on mine. Reason being the car just kept giving me more and more problems. Now i am sitting in a situation that the car is not running anymore. I wish to scrap it. Am I able to do this? How do I...
  5. S

    Lost Registration/Log Book - Do I need it to sell my Vehicle?

    Hey guys I'm busy trying to sell my VW Polo and I've lost the original logbook/registration, all I have is the past 5 years worth of licence docs(the ones that come with the license disk). What I'm trying to find out is whether the license docs are sufficient for a buyer to register my car...
  6. Rouxenator

    New cars and number plates

    Why do I see so many new cars that do not have number plates on? Some don't even have the barely visible temporary paper registration. Are the dealers so lazy that they can't even sort out number plates these days? In 2000 I got a Bantam, ordered it on a Monday, drove off the showroom floor...
  7. J

    Car registration and Licensing Problem

    Hi :) This is a long story which I shall try make as brief as possible. In 2008, I bought a car from someone in a nearby city, paid cash and returned a few days later with the change of ownership forms , my part filled out, and asked him to complete his section. A few days later I went to...