car service

  1. B

    Good BMW mechanic in Pretoria?

    Does anyone have recommendations for a good mechanic in or around Pretoria that knows their way around BMWs? This has been posted on here before but quite a while back
  2. S

    Reliable Ford Mechanic in JHB

    Hi Guys, Any recommendations for a reliable ford mechanic in JHB for services, tuning and general car issues? Thanks.
  3. carstensdj

    Grinding/Vibrating noise under de-acceleration

    Hey fellow forumites, Was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this issue for me... I've just spent R10k on servicing my '05 Polo Trendline. I had a new Clutch Kit installed as well as a major service done. Car feels smoother but now have another issue that wasn't there...
  4. T

    Polo Car Service Fourways - where?

    Hi all, Was hoping somebody out there has an idea of where I can take my 2013 Polo to get serviced in the Fourways area - and please don't suggest VW because they are the biggest rip-offs of the lot. My granny needs a major service done, but I really don't feel like forking out an arm and a...
  5. R

    Mercedes A200 service cost

    I know the likely response will be to phone a Mercedes dealer but I have found in the past that trying to get a good estimate from a motor dealer for a service is usually full of “and maybe you’ll need’ let alone the phone calls during the day to say they have discovered something else needed...
  6. J

    How is Audi A5 2010?

    Hi guys, I would like to get an advise on a 2nd hand Audi A5 of models between 2009 to 2011. I would like to buy one soon with reasonable kilos and FSH. My worry as per guys that never drove that car or Audi is that the service is too expensive and and every small part is expensive. Anyone...
  7. C

    "Backyard Mechanic" Johannesburg North

    This is my first post after reading so many other helpful posts. Thanks and hopefully this can also be a helpful post to myself and others. Please let me know if this thread already exists elsewhere. I own a 2003 Pajero 3.2 DiD with 160k km on the clock. I don't think it is really worth while...
  8. R

    ************** & Headoffice SHOCKER!!!

    This is after Months without a car, Please is there a Lawyer on this Forum that could take this Further, I'm prepared to go the whole 9 Yards, They have been doing this to many Clients, while I was waiting I spoke to 3 Clients that had exactly the same issue. Please I'm begging for someone to...
  9. J

    Peugeot Service near Greenpoint (Cape Town) ???

    Can anyone recommend an excellent mechanic/garage where I can have my Peugeot 206 serviced an repaired. Peugeot itself is only in Tygervalley (Bellville) now which is rather far away, also they over charge for everything.
  10. carstensdj

    Trustworthy Mechanic in CPT???

    Hi there, So i'm sitting at that stressful point that i think everyone reaches when their car needs a service... Let me start by saying that i am 23 now, and since i was 18 i have had NOTHING but absolute hell with mechanics and forking out THOOOUSSSANDS of Rand to "Fix" and "replace"...