1. LCBXX

    The Cannabis REVIEW Thread (Whilst Stoned)

    As per the title: This thread is exclusively for reviews for cannabis products and cannabis-related equipment which can be found either online or at outlets. Please do not post weed-reviews from your local Weedman as it helps nobody and it is not like you can, or should, openly share their...
  2. LCBXX

    The Cannabis Thread

    As the Title suggests, this thread is for the discussion of anything related to cannabis/marijuana/dagga/weed/dope. There are a couple of threads in the forum ready about growing; I suggest this one be used to discuss things like: (Online) Shops where you can safely buy cannabis and...
  3. L

    Driving Ranges in JHB

    Hi guys, I'm new to JHB and wanted to know where are some good, cheap, driving ranges around JHB. Preferably centrally located (~10km radius from CBD, preferably North) as I'd like to hit the ranges after work. Regards, Leo
  4. P

    Taxi Strike

    Hi Guys, anyone have any news on the taxi strike, is it happening today or tomorrow ? Are they going to close highways ?
  5. C

    34 storey building for Cape Town CBD

    Along with the estimated R30 billion development between 2008 and 2011 in the Cape Town CBD, the Portside Building by Louis Karol Architects has now been confirmed.