cell phone

  1. jes

    Vodacom launches solar powered cell phone in SA

    Vodacom launches solar powered cell phone in SA Vodacom launches the first solar powered cellphone in South Africa
  2. jes

    Canceling your cellphone contract - Do you even dare?

    Canceling your cellphone contract - Do you even dare? Customer service in the cellular industry means keeping the cattle calm and peaceful while they are lead to the slaughterhouse
  3. jes

    LG brings new Android devices to SA

    LG brings new Android devices to SA LG have announced their intent to launch their new Android-based smartphones in South Africa
  4. akescpt

    checking if potential phone is stolen

    there is a phone im interested in buying but the guy got it as a gift. how do i go about checking if it is stolen or not. although he has the box and all accessories as well. does having all these things mean its not stolen? :(:confused:. your input would be appreciated. i've heard u can call...
  5. E

    Which cell phone blog?

    Hi there . Which is the best blog for cell phones ? A local site that has info on what's new , when phones will arrive ect. Thanks.
  6. Nerfherder

    Who wants to speak to a Nigerian cellphone theif ?

    My Dad's phone was stolen this weekend, they phoned Nigeria 10 time before we realized the phone was stolen. They also phoned 3 SA numbers 083 432 6026 073 403 0425 073 344 6783 The first number a guy actually picks up, I spoke to him for like 10 mins trying to find out who he was or...
  7. G

    GSM cell phone code cracked

    Hackers Break GSM Cell Phone Code German computer engineer, Karsten Nohl, has deciphered and published the secret code used to encrypt most of the world's digital mobile phone calls. About 80% of phone calls made around the world can now be intercepted. Time for GSM operators to upgrade...
  8. S

    The iPhone app that lets you use your mobile to drive a car... when you're not in it.

    Pics and youtube details at the link.
  9. I

    Heres your chance!

    Anyone looking for a bargain deal? Well my upgrade is due with MTN. I dont need the phone as Im happy with the old one. You tell me any phone you would like as long as the contract doesnt exceed R180 per month on a MyCall 100... Im willing to sell you the phone brand new, unopened box for...
  10. M

    Cheapest Contract

    Does anyone know what is the cheapest cell contract on the market with any free phone?
  11. J

    Cell Phone Consumer Boycott Now!

    Dear ALL Is the time not ripe for full on consumer boycott action for cell phone users? The economy is slowing down and One Day of Switch Off is all this country needs to send a clear message to the "service" providers that we will no longer tolerate this blatant theft. I always tell friends...
  12. P

    Autopage Cellular = VERY BAD

    These people are so frustrating and stupid. I see under their website under upgrades that they are offering an MTN topup100 reduced rate contract for R3.00 a month. Now, is it unreasonable to assume that they would be able to offer me that on a new contract, as I know from experience that iTalk...
  13. D

    Contract up for renewal, need advice..

    Howzit guys, my contract is up for renewal so have a choice to make from this list, the business I'm in requires me to be time efficient, so I need a phone that is fast, has to have basic office tools pdf reader, *powerpoint etc, fast access to the net, I kinda like the N96, but I'm sure there...