cellular data

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    Telkom Mobile - Roaming on MTN - connectivity issue

    Hi All, Bit of a strange one. My wife and I both have Telkom Mobile contracts. We both roam permanently on MTN as we find we get less dropped calls and the internet is more reliable. Recently we have noticed that switching between wifi and cell data there seems to be a massive delay...
  2. R

    Settings >> Mobile Data

    G'day! Anyone see this before: I'm referring particularly to the Mobile Data menu option. This is one of a number of iPads supplied by DigiCape. It won't connect to the internet on 3G. My iPad says Cellular Data. Could this be a Verizon model? Any ideas?
  3. rpm

    Worldwide mobile data costs compared

    Global mobile data costs compared Is R2 per megabyte we pay for mobile data from Vodacom, MTN and Cell C expensive or cheap?