1. C

    Security Certifications

    Hi All, I'm a network Admin, I'm looking to do some security courses to enhance my rèsume. I need some at advice on a security course bundle that I'm looking at. CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst: CySA+ CompTIA Advance Security Practitioner: CASP Certfied Ethical Hacker: CEH Certified Information...
  2. M

    Windows Server 2016 Certification

    Hi all Just wondering if any of you have attempted and completed Server 2016. How difficult did you find it? Time period from start to certification? Full time/part time/self study?
  3. D

    Best website through which to obtain MSCE testing

    Hi All i need some help finding a website like Prometric through which I can take my MTA->MCSA->MCSE certs, something like Prometric as i cannot find Microsoft as a test sponser there anymore.
  4. S

    Fiber Training/Certifications in Cape Town

    Hi Besides for TriplePlay, does anyone know where else to get FOA training/certification in Cape Town or Johannesburg? Thanks
  5. bchip


    Hi Guys Hoping for a bit of guidance here on this. Im looking to get certifications for SQL. Which ones would you recommend? How much do they cost? It all seems a bit confusing as on the Micro$oft website there are prices for 12 different courses @ R7,500 (excl VAT) and the on Groupon...
  6. P

    Aruba Networks Certification Worth It?

    Do you think that getting an Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) or Mobility Professional (ACMP) is worth it? Do you think Aruba Network device/software will become more used in SA, since HP bought them? Look more at a future perspective than a current one. Thanks.
  7. D

    SharePoint 2013 Certification Advice

    Hi Members I have been using SharePoint for a little while and would like to move towards achieving a certification. 1. Is the certification worth it? 2. Is there any free study materials that you could recommend, or any free resources that I can make use of? 3. Where do i start? Basically...
  8. D

    SharePoint 2013 Certification

    Hi Guys Hope everyone is well.. Was hoping someone could give me some information on SP2013 Certifications. 1. What is the certification path? Which exam should be done first? (It seems like 70-331 but I can't be too sure) 2. Is it worth doing the certification? 3. If so, wheres the best...
  9. D

    SharePoint 2013 Certification

    Hi I was hoping someone could provide me with some information regarding SP2013 Certifications. According to what I have read, a pre-requisite to any of the SP2013 Certifications is the MCSE Certification (Exam 70 - 410/411/412). Is this correct? Has anyone been through this path before...
  10. D

    Worthwhile Certifications

    Hi Our company is budgeting for training for this financial year. I am still a junior and my knowledge of the courses and certifications available is quite limited. What courses would you recommend for someone who develops in C#? Really, any kind of advice would be appreciated :) Thanks!
  11. seedat77

    SAP Business One training in Johannesburg

    Hi. Does anyone know of companies offering SAP Business One training and certification in the Johannesburg area? Any advice, contact numbers and links will be appreciated. Thank you.
  12. F

    Java Certification is it useful?

    Hey guys, I am deciding to change careers next year by studying a BSC in Computer Science at Wits, now as I save up for it this year I thought it would be useful to start preparing my CV for after I graduate. This in the way of getting a Java Cert through Oracle systems. I have read on...
  13. D

    So you want to be a programmer...

    Ok, starting with little or no programming experience, how would you go about becoming a successful programmer that people want to employ? Where would you study? What would you study? Which languages? Which certifications would you do? Where would you look for your first job? How long would...
  14. D

    MCSD Cert Advice

    Hi, I've been working as an IT Administrator and IT Manager for the last 8 or so years. I'm interested in getting into programming/development. Though programming wise I've only messed around with html and a little bit of ASP. So looking around the web it seems that MCSD is 'n good cert to...
  15. LazyLion

    Burger King's halaal hurdle

    The Muslim Judicial Council will hold a "fatwa committee" meeting today in Cape Town to decide if the Burger King outlet in the city should have its halaal certificate revoked. Last week, People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (Pagad) called for one of Burger King's primary shareholders, Hassen...
  16. D

    Are you Vmware certified?

    Hi there, Hopefully someone can help me. I have some experience with vmware.. But I want to get certified, how do I go about getting this certification? Do I need to take the VCP 4 first? What are the prerequisites? I thought it would be like Microsoft certs just book and go write?
  17. H

    Linux VS Microsoft Certification (2013)

    Hi everyone. I am looking for some opinions regarding Linux versus Microsoft certification. Please base input on factors such as certification demand, salary, and so on.
  18. jes

    DStv installer accreditation is not a sham says MultiChoice

    DStv installer accreditation is not a sham says MultiChoice Installers can’t get around quality checks, says MultiChoice
  19. S

    MCTS certification

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I've bee reading contents for long time and now I decided to participate too. Can someone tell me if I can do MCTS (sql server) certifications in south Africa. I would also like to know where and how much it costs.
  20. D

    Getting a Java Certification in Cape Town

    I have been a PHP developer for about 3 years now and I would like to move on to Java, I have some basic understanding of Java and I would like to study for a certification. Where do you think I should start and where can i take the exams in cape town? thanks