1. J

    DIY Solar Setup for Domestic Home

    Hi All, I have looked through most of the posts here, and I cannot find this posted question, so please point out if this is a duplicate? Currently I have a huge UPS setup for my home working perfectly. This consists of: 8 x 12v 110ah Lead Crystal batteries 4 x 12v 70ah Lead Crystal...

    Dell Precision M6400 Charger Repair

    Hi All The puppy chewed the cable on the Dell Precision M6400 charger. Any chance of getting this repaired here in the southern suburbs of Cape Town or where to find a replacement that does not cost a fortune? It looks like a professional repair will be needed... the cable looks like a...
  3. B

    RSA Laptop and cell phone inthe USA

    Good day Does anyone know if my laptop from south africa will function without an additional transformer in the US? Eskom operates at 220 to 230 volts and 50Hz, while the USA supplies power at 110-120V and 60 Hz? Another question, will a cellphone from SA be able to receive phonecalls and...
  4. D

    Car Charger Advise Please

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this has been asked before. I an looking to buy a car charger for my Galaxy S5. I had a look on Takealot there are hundreds of chargers. Some are very cheap and then others like R400.00 Do they all do the same thing? Can anyone here maybe suggest a good charger...
  5. Bar0n

    Replacement charger needed for Gigabyte Q1000 Netbook

    I am in need of a replacement charger for my netbook, seems the one I currently have has a loose wire somewhere (it works if I wiggle the bit by the transformer). I know some of the MyBB members sell hardware on the side, and if anyone (reputable members ;) ) has stock of this charger at a...
  6. M

    This belt charges your smartphone and keeps your trousers up at the same time

    This belt charges your smartphone and keeps your trousers up at the same time More details at source
  7. medicnick83

    [W] 2x Dell Vostro 1520 Batteries & Chargers

    Item wanted: I'm looking for a 2x Dell Vostro 1520 batteries and chargers. Is packaging essential?: No, so long it's in good looked after condition. Desired age and condition: Same applies here Location: I'm based in Cape Town Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes, so long it's from a...
  8. S

    MSi Windpad 110w Charger

    Hi Have searched high and low and just cannot find a charger for the MSi Windpad 110w. On the back of the tab its rated 12v 1.5A, requiring a charger which apparently is pretty farkin rare.... I can get it in from the states at around R250 for the charger, R260 for delivery and who knows what...
  9. N

    Micro USB Cables Cheap!

    If like me you've looked at keeping a Micro USB cable spare at work, home and everywhere (the desire has BAD battery): The cables are only R37 excl. VAT and only R30 delivery overnight. Ordered yesterday at 16:30, and just got them. Woop woop. Since I was...
  10. S

    I Need a Macbook Pro Charger (85W)

    Hi all Does anyone have a spare macbook pro charger I can buy? They cost a fortune in the shops and Core don't have stock... C
  11. A

    Dell Charger Question

    My charger for my dell laptop got busted. The wires that connects to the plug to the laptop got pulled thus breaking the soldered connection. Tried fixing it but now my laptop only works while plugged in and does not charge. Is it true that Dell laptops and chargers only work with each...
  12. R

    Where to buy a generic USB A/C charger for X10, etc. ?

    There are plenty of micro USB cables and car USB chargers available but I am struggling to find a replacement wall charger for my X10. It should preferably be 700mA like the original, and it needs to have the middle two pins (data) shorted or else it won't charge the phone. I hear that some...
  13. S

    Power cable

  14. M

    Scientists develop mobile phone battery that can be charged in just 10 seconds

  15. rpm

    Universal mobile phone charger in the air

    Universal mobile phone charger in the air
  16. Brewmaster

    dell latitude d630 charger

    does anyone know where i can get a dell latitude d630 charger? and how much they go for? TIA!