chris yelland

  1. Jan

    South Africa's emergency power plan leaked - report

    South Africa's emergency power plan — including solar and short-term powerships President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to announce plans to remove barriers to private power generation investments and speed up government’s procurement of gas and renewable power, News24 reported. Citing a leaked...
  2. Jan

    How can Eskom 2.0 succeed if government couldn't run Eskom 1.0, SAA, Denel, and Transnet?

    Ramaphosa's Eskom 2.0 plan — from a country that can't run SAA, Transnet, Denel, or Eskom 1.0 Energy expert Chris Yelland does not believe that forming a second power utility to compete with Eskom is a viable solution to the country's energy problems. In an interview with Business Day TV...
  3. Jan

    National Planning Commission releases plan to end load-shedding in two years

    South Africa's plan to end load-shedding in two years — declare energy emergency now The South African government's National Planning Commission (NPC) has proposed that the country declare an "energy emergency" to enable the swift construction of 10,000MW of generating capacity and 5,000MW of...
  4. Jan

    A plan to end load-shedding fast

    How to end load-shedding — fast South Africa must urgently launch a project where various mining, energy, industrial, and agricultural companies connect wind and photovoltaic solar power plants with battery storage to the grid. Energy expert Chris Yelland has proposed a national priority...
  5. Jan

    Ending the worst load-shedding South Africa has ever seen

    How to stop the worst load shedding South Africa has ever seen Empirical evidence demonstrates that an additional 5 GW of renewable energy would have essentially solved load shedding in 2021 whilst enabling better and more efficient operation of our power system, all at a cost-saving to Eskom...
  6. Jan

    DMRE only approves solar emergency power - late

    No wind. No gas. No diesel. No powerships. Just solar. South Africa's plan to procure emergency power to help Eskom stave off load-shedding before the end of 2022 has been utterly derailed. The energy department on Thursday announced it had signed off on a power purchasing agreement (PPA) with...
  7. Jan

    Eskom imports more power than it exports - and it can't just stop exporting

    What would happen if Eskom stops exporting power There is a common misconception that discontinuing Eskom's electricity exports to South Africa's neighbours will help resolve the country's power problems. However, according to energy expert Chris Yelland, South Africa actually imports more...
  8. Jan

    Eskom's R300-billion Medupi and Kusile woes

    Medupi and Kusile — eight years late and R300 billion over budget Eskom's Medupi and Kusile power station projects have been fraught with challenges ranging from corruption and negligence to a flawed design process. This has resulted in ongoing delays and both projects exceeding their budgets...
  9. Jan

    Even load-shedding "easy fixes" will take two years

    Total Eskom blackout danger — insurance companies calculating the costs The state of Eskom's generation fleet has insurers worried about a potential total blackout. However, there are several short-term solutions government can implement swiftly to bring the utility back from the brink. That...
  10. Jan

    Eskom's has a big maintenance problem at Koeberg

    Eskom's big Koeberg nuclear power plant problem Eskom had not completed the containment building needed to store radioactive parts before shutting down Koeberg's Unit 2 for scheduled maintenance. Energy expert and EE Business Intelligence managing director Chris Yelland told Talk 702 that the...
  11. Jan

    Power cuts aren't over, but there is light at the end of the tunnel - Chris Yelland

    Light at the end of the load-shedding tunnel Eskom and South Africa are on course to resolving the country's electricity crisis, EE Business Intelligence managing director and energy expert Chris Yelland has stated. Yelland has often been cautionary or given a negative outlook on the future of...
  12. Jan

    Electricity Pricing Policy review published for public comment

    South Africa’s new electricity plan — including price hikes when Eskom’s grid struggles and a 10-year price forecast The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy this week published the Electricity Pricing Policy Review for public comment, following approval by President Cyril Ramaphosa's...
  13. Jan

    Green hydrogen could help save South Africa from carbon penalties

    Green hydrogen could be South Africa's energy saviour South Africa’s ailing economy could get a new lease on life if it creates the policy and investment framework to build the infrastructure for large scale production of green hydrogen, a fuel seen as crucial in driving the world’s energy...
  14. Jan

    Mantashe suspends nuclear regulator board member - raises questions ahead of major life-extension project

    Warnings over Koeberg after Mantashe boots nuclear regulator board member Energy minister Gwede Mantashe has suspended civil society's representative from the board of South Africa's National Nuclear Regulator (NNR). The suspension of Koeberg Alert Alliance's (KAA's) Peter Becker comes during...
  15. Jan

    Electricity price hike punishes South Africans for Eskom and government failures

    Eskom's 20.5% price hike punishes South Africans Eskom has applied for a 20.5% tariff increase for the 2023 financial year, which analysts and politicians said punishes its customers for its own failures by making them pay more for electricity.
  16. Jan

    Koeberg life-extension project is already running late

    Nuclear power station life-extension project running late — even before it starts The installation of six new steam generators at Eskom’s Koeberg nuclear power station, which was scheduled to begin on 5 January 2022, appears to be running late even before it started. Koeberg power station...
  17. Jan

    A culture of maintenance is sorely needed by the custodians of public assets

    How to save Eskom and South Africa Even as South Africa transitions to a low carbon future, whatever the technologies employed, a culture of proper reliability maintenance of all plant is needed, including coal-fired power stations, boilers and associated power generation equipment, throughout...
  18. Jan

    Risky Koeberg nuclear power station steam generator replacement project

    Koeberg nuclear power station life extension poses serious risks Preparations are underway for the replacement of the six steam generators at Eskom’s 1840 MW Koeberg nuclear power station, in what South Africa’s national electricity utility says is the most complex project ever undertaken at...
  19. Jan

    Building new coal power will cost South Africa's economy jobs and billions of rands - research

    Big holes emerge in South Africa’s electricity plan Deep flaws, significant delays and unnecessary additional costs are becoming evident in the outdated Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity, IRP 2019, published by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) in October 2019. Big...
  20. Jan

    Several organisations and analysts have dismissed calls for André de Ruyter to resign

    Hands off André de Ruyter Many organisations, including Business Unity South Africa and the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, want Eskom CEO André de Ruyter to remain in his position.