cloud storage

  1. B

    Cloud Backup Solution.

    I have about 200Gb of photos and 100Gb of files that I want to back up. I am looking for an affordable solution that is scalable (It doesn't help if in 10Years time I will have to pay thousands because of the amount of data I have accumulated.)
  2. J

    Cloud Backup Software

    Good Day all Which cloud backup software is out there to use and what would be a good price to pay for backup software and storage? Does anybody know of any comparative article listing pros/cons and prices of different cloud backup software and storage ?
  3. koeks525

    Uploading Files from Mobile App to User's OneDrive / Google Drive account.

    Hi everyone, I am building an Android app, mostly to advance my android development skills. I would like to add functionality that allows a user to backup uploads to the app (images, pictures, video's, voice recordings) to their Google Drive account, or OneDrive account. I am building a Web...
  4. Jamie McKane

    Which cloud storage service is the best?

    Which cloud storage platform (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) do you think is the best?
  5. H

    Best enterprise cloud storage solution available in South Africa?

    Microsoft Azure and other well known solutions have yet to make their services available to South Africans in ZAR. What are the best alternatives to choose from for enterprise cloud storage? I work for a media company and we handle terabytes of video footage on a weekly basis, and we cannot keep...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    MTN unlimited cloud storage for R99 per month

    MTN unlimited cloud storage for R99 MTN has launched a cloud service that will provide customers with unlimited storage capacity across a range of devices
  7. D

    Folder Sync and Cloud Backup Software

    Now that Ubuntu One is being shut down, I have to find another folder synchronization solution to fill the gap. My non-negotiable requirements include: Cross-platform functionality for: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android Being able to sync any folder on the computer, not just a specified folder...
  8. SmellyCelly

    Where's the best place to store your photos?

    Q: Where's the best place to store your photos? My harddrive's keep ultimately failing on me so I think the time has come to upload them somewhere so I've been looking at clouds and which one gives you the most free space... A: 1. Google Drive 5 GB 2. Dropbox 2 GB (Get more space...
  9. S

    Anyone offer a data upload service in SA?

    Hi, I'd like to know if anyone provides a data upload service in SA? I live in the sticks with slow wireless and a bandwith cap, so not feasible to load many gigs of data to a cloud service. I'd like to send a hard-drive to a company that can upload all the initial data for me to the...
  10. E

    Secure Cloud Storage Providers in SA

    Hi all, I am looking for a SA based cloud storage provider with the following (desired) requirements: 1. Client-side encryption so that the hosting provider will not see what I am uploading 2. Storage/servers in SA so that up/down speeds are as good as they can get. Could somebody correct...
  11. F

    Cloud Storage War in China

    As a native Chinese, let me tell you what happend in the area of cloud storage in China and the details.This is called "Cloud Storage War in China" First of all, you should know the top cloud storage companies in China: Baidu, Tencent, Sina, Kingsoft, Qihoo 360, Huawei. Before, China’s...
  12. jes

    Amazon's Christmas slip up shows risks in the cloud

    Amazon's Christmas slip up shows risks in the cloud A Christmas Eve glitch highlights the risks that companies take when they move their data center operations to the cloud.
  13. J

    Dropbox comes to Facebook groups

    Facebook Groups get Dropbox integration Facebook groups can now add Dropbox files to share
  14. J

    Apple launch iCloud portal to users exits beta Apple’s cloud storage portal is now open, up and running for iCloud users
  15. J

    Amazon offers Glacier storage option

    Amazon announces Glacier storage option Glacier puts your long-term data on ice
  16. M

    online bacups - paid for services and Service providers ?

    hi guys , was doing some investigations and need your help with online or cloud backups, OK so we all know of drop box,Google drive,skydive etc. what i am looking for a company or solution provider that offers a paid service in terms of Backing up online, not cloud storage like mentioned...
  17. QuintonB

    Always encrypt data stored on the cloud, warns report

    Cloud storage isn’t as secure as you think – report Those wanting to make sure their documents and photos do not fall into the hands of strangers should make sure to encrypt any files saved in cloud services.
  18. QuintonB

    Google Drive has launched - 5GB free online storage included

    Google Drive launches with 5GB free online storage South Africa included in the launch of Google’s latest product
  19. Budza

    Dropbox & Data Usage

    TLDR: Can you selectively download files from Shared Dropbox folder, or do you have to sync all contents I have Dropbox installed on 3 PCs and my Android Phone. I need to share some photos with family- about 4GB worth (my account is on 6GB free storage). If I upload it from PC #1, do...
  20. jes

    Online security issues within the cloud

    Online security issues within the cloud New applications such as cloud computing and virtualization are becoming increasingly popular – how does this affect IT security?