1. Hanno Labuschagne

    How a South African developer can relocate to the UK with no job offer

    How a South African developer can relocate to the UK with no job offer The United Kingdom has seen increasing demand for technical professionals working in the technology space. To accommodate this demand, the country offers a Global Talent visa in partnership with Tech Nation. This visa...
  2. E

    Gadgets for coders

    Hi guys, What are your favourite tools/gadgets that help you daily?
  3. Jamie McKane

    The big debate over programming in schools

    The big debate over programming in schools As with many countries, South Africa is seriously considering including coding into the national curriculum. In fact, earlier this year Cyril Ramaphosa made it very clear that inclusion will be an objective he intends to see come to fruition during...
  4. A

    RE: Flashing stock firmware to Galaxy S8+

    Hi, I apologise if there is already a thread open on this topic. I have a samething Galaxy S8 + Model numer SM-G955F. I bought it through vodacom. What I want to do is flash samsungs stock firmware via odin to remove vodacom's crap ware. Questions: *If I do this will I void my samsung...
  5. D

    Best Java IDE

    I have recently started a Java course at MSA, they use the BlueJ IDE but i don't feel 100% comfortable with it. I wanted to know your opinions on a good beginners IDE from anyone involved in any form of java development. They have recommended a few others, but if those are anything like BlueJ...
  6. M

    Part-time Software development study advice

    Hi Gents, I don't normally post much so excuse me if I miss any lingo or accepted practices here; Obviously as per the title I'm interested in studying software development part-time. I work in what I'd consider(I'm a newbie so please forgive) a neighbouring field with networking and I'm...
  7. Jamie McKane

    When programmers start coding

    When programmers start coding HackerRank recently published the results of its 2018 Developer Skills Report.
  8. C

    BMW DVD/Video in motion Coding

    Does anyone know where i can unlock the speed limit dvd in motion settings for my bimmer? I dont know anyone is SA who has done it... I did check online and some sites are asking for a ridiculous amount (160 USD).. JHB / PTA Areas.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Free coding schools now in France, US, and South Africa

    Free coding schools now in France, US, and South Africa 42, a free programming school without teachers, was launched in the United States after its success in France.
  10. J

    redirect index.html to display as home

    Hi All Sorry for the noob question: I am busy with a small website, learning as I go, and I need help with displaying page names instead of html file names. example: should rather display as should...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Behind the scenes at South Africa’s revolutionary new coding school

    Behind the scenes at South Africa’s revolutionary new coding school WeThinkCode has opened its new campus in Johannesburg, which will train South Africa’s next generation of programmers.
  12. D

    Too old for coding

    Hi guys, Firstly Merry Christmas. I'm in IT, system admin. I am 29 years old, am I too old to learn coding and perhaps make it my career? Does it take years of experience to actually start working as a programmer? I don't know much about software development. Has anyone here perhaps made...
  13. M

    Junior employment possibilities with an MCSD

    Hey guys, I need some advice if you're keen. I want to do a career change at the ripe old age of 33 from animation and vfx to development; C#, SQL, .NET, anything that would result in an optimal chance of employment and, of course, income growth potential. Questions: What would my chances be...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    A bit of coding in school may be a dangerous thing for the IT industry

    A bit of coding in school may be a dangerous thing for the IT industry It sounds compelling, but what does Bill Shorten actually mean when he says all secondary school pupils should be taught “digital technologies, computer science and coding”? And, equally importantly, why?
  15. Y

    JOB OFFERED: Developer Internship at Yuppiechef

    If you’re a talented and passionate developer with a hunger to learn new things and be involved in projects from conception to delivery, Yuppiechef may well be the perfect place for you. We are one of South Africa's leading e-commerce companies, based in Westlake Business Park, with a team of...
  16. N

    Music genres when coding

    Just thought I'd ask other devs out there... Which music genres do you prefer (if at all) when punching out code?
  17. Inky1980

    C# courses in Cape Town

    Hi all, I'm a Software Tester and I would like to become an Automation Tester. I have been tasked with learnng C#, due to the fact that we use Visual Studio at work. I have dabbled with Coded UI tests, Selenium Web Driver, and one or two other plug-ins. It has become crystal clear that I will...
  18. NeonNinja

    The 14 characters you meet as a coder

    1. The Developer Diva. Developer Divas are not satisfied with standard accommodations; they need to be pampered. In fact, someone in management needs to devote at least 50 percent of his or her time to listen to the diva's complaints and get the diva to produce. If that management load increases...
  19. QuintonB

    SA coders can win R100,000 in programming challenge

    R100K challenge puts SA programmers to the test Entelect sets the stage for SA coder battle for R100,000 prize money
  20. A

    Pricing: Top Gaming Site - All PHP Developers

    Hey guys, I was approached by someone that wants me to develop something similar to (Actually to make this easy lets say exactly as that site, would make things easier). Can fellow PHP developers and Web Developers please give me a rough estimate of what you would...