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    PS5 or XBox Series X

    Hi there, just looking to see which way people are leaning with the new generation of consoles coming out. I've pretty much had the wrong console for the last two generations.... PS3 and XBox One.
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    Xbox One S 1TB

    Item: Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Age: 18 months Price: R3500 Warranty: Don't think so Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent Location: Cape Town, Northern Suburbs Reason: Leaving country Shipping: On you Collection: Yes
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    Contemplating consoles for acquisition

    Hi I might be starting a bit of a s*storm with this, but I'd like some input from the more informed community. I am (for the first time in my life) considering buying a console. So which one? Playstation or Xbox. (Whichever is the latest available in ZA) I do have a windows...
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    Console Indecisiveness

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    Console Rental Places in Gauteng

    Hi guys I am planning a surprise games night for my partner and I know he is keen to play some games on a Wii U. Given the price of the console, I'm looking for alternatives, like hiring one from a rental place. Please note I need to hire the actual console and not just games. Can anyone...
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    PS4 or Xbox One?

    The only thing that is pulling me away from the PS4 is the Kinect... Do I need it?