1. K

    PS3 Replacement Gamepad advice

    Hi All, I bought my PS3 second hand two years ago and it did not come with controllers. I used some ultra budget controllers up til now, but I am getting slightly fed up with them as another one bit the dust when I was busy teaching my kids some gaming. So I am in the market for a new gamepad...
  2. J

    x2 PC gamepad controller

    #1 Item: x2 PC gamepad controller. 18 button Age and condition: Very good condition Do you include packaging: None Warranty: No Reason for selling: Cleaning house Price: 100 both Negotiable: No Location: Sunninghill Shipping or collection: Shipping at own cost. Prefer collection. 2 usb wired PC...
  3. Koosie

    [S] Novation Twitch DJ Controller

    Item: Novation Twitch Age: 4 Years (only used for 1 year) Price: R850 Warranty: none Packaging: The original box Condition: Good, all buttons working. Location: Faerie Glen, Pretoria Reason: Not Djing anymore Shipping: No Collection: Yes
  4. K


  5. O

    Wii U Pro Controller

    I'm struggling to find a wii u pro controller online, anyone know where I can get one?
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Charge gaming controllers in 60 seconds

    Charge gaming controllers in 60 seconds The new PDP Super Charger charges a controller in less than 60 seconds.
  7. J

    [W] Broken or Faulty PS3 Controller/s

    I am looking for Broken or Faulty PS3 Controller/s for spares for my controller. Please PM me if you have one available.
  8. IanM

    Denon MC3000 DJ controller

    I have a Denon MC3000 DJ controller that I want to sell. Bought April 2013 and still under warranty. Price: R4000 Retails new for R5 800 - R6 000 Only used twice and still comes in box, original wrapping and includes all booklets, cables and disc. Functions perfectly and a great controller...
  9. 1

    PS3 Rapid Fire Controller

    I'm trying to track down some local suppliers for these modded PS3 controllers. The mod (or chip) is called Rapid Fire. They seem to have mods for both PS3 and Xbox controllers but I haven't found a local supplier yet, or someone that knows...
  10. I

    PS3 Controller Charger Cable

    Hi guys I went a bit overboard on the weekend and bought a PS3 and pandora's box as well as that extra controller special that comes with two games. Much to my dismay, the second controller does not come with a charging cable. Does anyone know a shop that stocks it? (besides online - I know...
  11. PhreakBoy

    PS3 Controllers

    What is the difference between the Sixaxis PS3 Wireless Controller and Sony PS3 Dualshock 3 Controllers? Thanks, P
  12. D

    Controller Alternative

    Hi everyone.. If you are planning on buying a USB controller for your PC, think again. If you have a PS1/PS2/PS3 XBox or any otehr controller you should be able to hook it up to your PC.. I have a PS2, there were no more AV ports free on the TV because of the Wii, hard drive recorder etc. So...
  13. D

    This adapter locally?

    I want to buy this adapter so i can use my ps2 remote on my pc... trouble is that my dad isnt a fan of internet purchases.. Is there a local shop that sells these?\ thanx
  14. M

    Service App Controller Issue. Help Please?

    Today i was on my computer, After Exiting a Game my Computer Gave me an error saying Service app controller has encountered an error. Another Message came telling me a Windows component has encountered an error(something like that) and the computer will restart in one min. after letting it...