1. RedViking

    LG G4 Extended Battery Cover - Where to buy?

    Hi guys, Where can I buy/order an LG G4 Extended Battery Cover (preferably heavy duty) in South Africa. Something similar to this...
  2. R

    Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Tempered Glass

    Does anyone know where I can find some in SA?
  3. rubber_otter

    Coolermaster iPhone 4/4S Cases

    Item: Various Coolermaster iPhone 4/4S cases Age: Brand New / Sealed Warranty: No Packaging: Brand New Condition: Brand New Location: PTA East Reason: Ordered the wrong ones Shipping: Umm.. Sure. On the buyer Collection: Preferred Price: R25 Each Link: Please see pics I have the...
  4. S

    [SALE] Asus Nexus 7 2012 WiFi + 3G + Speck Folio cover

    Asus Nexus 7 2012 tablet WiFi + 3G + black Speck Folio cover Age and condition: 1.5 years, hardly used, excellent condition, been in a Speck Folio cover since day 1. No scratches or bumps at all. Do you include packaging: Yes. Have the box, cover and original accessories Warranty: No...
  5. R

    Useful Tip: Make a CD cover from a single piece of paper in 8 Steps

    I came across this on Pinterest and must say it really comes in handy when you are out of CD cases/covers. Source:
  6. Rouxenator

    Can you make a life insurance policy "paid up" or freeze it?

    I got life insurance 6 years ago when I bought a house. My employer at the time did not have adequate cover so that was the main reason for getting my own. The current job I have has got excellent cover for disability and death. Is there a way I can freeze the life insurance I got and if/when...
  7. E

    Let's STOP MONSANTO from Poisoning the planet for profit. [necro warning]

    Conspiracy on your health and the planet exposed. Ever heard of ROUND UP?? Its weed killer that kills weeds, worms, birds, wildlife, and YOU. How much poisoned vegetables and canned foods are we buying from our Supermarkets? Yeah we heard it before. No scientist is allowed to make public...
  8. mercurial

    Best iPad cover?

    What's the best cover for an iPad2? Are the ones they sell at Game good enough or should I look for something better?
  9. Zenbaas

    Egyptian Cotton bed sheets...Yay or Nay...?

    So have been shopping around a bit for some egyptian cotton beds covers etc but was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on these...? Recently on holiday the hotel we stayed at had the most awesome feeling sheets and according to wifey she reckons thats what the sheets were (or some high...
  10. W

    iPad 2 Cover Alternative

    Hi can't remember when it was (maybe 3weeks ago) but someone posted a link to the site Gindart who sell all sorts of accessories and gadgets ect. I saw this cover for the iPad 2 and immediately ordered it and two screen protectors. The shipping was free and arrived just after 2 weeks of placing...
  11. M

    Keyboard Cover/Protector for Macbook, worth it?

    Has anyone bought and used one of those silicone keyboard protectors for your mac keyboard? Firstly are they made out of different products, with different feels? Where is the best place to get one, price vs quality? And would anyone recommend using one of these? There are few things...
  12. S

    iPod Classic cover