1. Vorastra

    Prototype military transport aircraft crashes in Russia
  2. P

    Troubleshooting crashing PC

    Greetings, newbie here About two months back I built my own budget PC. All my parts are new except the GPU. After struggling a bit to get everything to work correctly my PC started crashing after a few minutes of gaming. The crash is the loss of any video output and it appears that whatever was...
  3. hjst45

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2020 bug crash

    Hi everyone, Can someone please keep up posted when a fix is released for the 2020 bug? I know WWE has already been patched, but couldn't find any statement from EA regarding a Star Wars fix. Not too keen on changing my pc's date every time just to play the game... As far as I know: 1) The...
  4. Gordon_R

    Three men survive helicopter crash in Pretoria street
  5. M

    Sonic and ultrasonic attacks damage hard drives and crash OSes

    Sonic and ultrasonic attacks damage hard drives and crash OSes
  6. M

    Microsoft employee installs Chrome mid-presentation because Edge keeps crashing

    Microsoft employee installs Chrome mid-presentation because Edge keeps crashing
  7. A

    Russian passenger aircraft with 220 onboard crashes in Egypt (Oct 2015)
  8. Ivan Leon

    Airbus says three engines failed in Spain A400M crash

    An analysis of the black boxes of the A400M plane which crashed in Spain has revealed that three of the aircraft's four engines failed before it ploughed into a field killing four in May, Airbus said on Wednesday. Company officials had earlier warned of a technical bug in the units which...
  9. Ivan Leon

    Airbus confirms software configuration error caused plane crash

    An executive of Airbus Group has confirmed that the crash of an Airbus A400M military transport was caused by a faulty software configuration. Marwan Lahoud, chief marketing and strategy officer for Airbus, told the German newspaper Handelsblatt on Friday that there was a "quality issue in...
  10. R

    Seagate HDD Crash - Repair assistance

    I have a 320 GB Portable Seagate HDD that crashed. The drive is old - bought it back in 2010 but it contains some key personal data. No other backup - please don't harass me about it...:o I'm not tech savvy :confused: and took it to Incredible Connection for advice. They referred me to...
  11. Ivan Leon

    Watch This Bad Porsche Driver Wipe Out Then Hilariously Wipe Out Again

    My thoughts while watching this video: “Oh. Another bad driver. Even managed to wipe out in a Porsche Cayman." "Welp, looks like they’re going to try to keep going. Should just pull over." "Why do they keep spinning out? What’s wrong with them? Oh – oh yeah. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. That’ll...
  12. Ivan Leon

    NHTSA Demands Nationwide Recall on Takata Airbags

    The Detroit News reports that NHTSA has formally demanded that Takata Corporation declare millions of U.S. vehicles defective. It’s the first step in requiring a nationwide recall of cars equipped with Takata driver’s-side airbags, after a long and ongoing issue where the auto supplier’s...
  13. Ivan Leon

    Peters: Research into fiery crashes needed

    First we had a KwaZulu-Natal co-operative governance and traditional affairs MEC, Nomsa Dube, wanting to research the cause of lightning, now the Transport Minister, Dipuo Peters, wants to find out why vehicles burst into flames after collisions! THAT WAS THEN...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Expert warned Virgin about space flight disaster

    Expert warned Virgin about space flight disaster A rocket science safety expert on Sunday said Virgin Galactic “ignored” safety warnings in the years leading up to the deadly crash of its spacecraft in California
  15. NomNom

    Mail and Safari opens then crashes, iPhone 4S iOS8 urgent help please

    Long story short, I updated my moms iPhone 4S to iOS8 2 days ago and she hated it cause it made her iPhone slow, so I downloaded 7.1.2 from the Apple sever and downgraded it back with iTunes. I couldn't restore the backup from iTunes to it because it was made when it was running iOS8, fine so...
  16. L

    Returning a faulty phone...

    Got a Vodafone Smart Mini for my dad yesterday at CNA and I'm trying to find out what on earth is wrong with this phone. Installed whatsapp, phone reset itself. Countless auto resets after that. Put it on charge for the night and walked in on the phone busy resetting at least two times. This...
  17. LazyLion

    Pilot killed as Jet Crashes at Turkey Air show

    A pilot was killed Sunday when his jet crashed into a corn field during an acrobatic aerial display in a southern Turkish province, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported. Video footage showed the pilot losing control of the jet as he was making a final manoeuvre. The aerial display...
  18. LazyLion

    US Military Plane Crashes in Kyrgyzstan

    A U.S. military plane crashed Friday in Kyrgyzstan, the Central Asian nation's emergencies ministry said. There was no immediate word on any casualties. Kyrgyzstan hosts a U.S. base that is used for troops flying into and out of Afghanistan and for C-135 tanker planes that refuel warplanes in...
  19. LazyLion

    Man Killed in Germiston Crash

    A truck driver was killed and his passenger seriously injured when their truck crashed into another truck in Germiston on Monday, Ekurhuleni metro police said. The men's white truck crashed into the back of the other one, which had stopped because of mechanical problems, around 10am on the...
  20. LazyLion

    Body Found in North West Air Crash

    A body has been recovered from the Modimolle dam, in Mmabatho, after an aircraft crash, North West police said on Wednesday. "The first body was found by police divers at around 10am. The search is continuing for a second body," Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said. "We are still on the scene...