1. RedViking

    Personal Loan - Advice Needed

    I need a big sum of money, couple 100K, but have never had to take out a big loan or debt except for using my credit card and a couple of accounts. Clean financial record. What is the best way to approach it after exhausting every avenue of not taking out a loan. Where is the best place to look...
  2. K

    Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card

    Hi. Does anyone have any experience with this? Compared with other credit card loyalty programs it seems pretty good on paper as long as you have some extra liquidity. Whenever you make a purchase, you also 'pay' an...
  3. StephenDev135

    Incredible Corruption Credit Application

    Hi All, tl:dr; Can I cancel a credit application I started at incredible connection - Have signed all documents but have not taken ownership Just looking for some free advice - I started a credit application at IC - really painful and dragged out process it has been 2 weeks now - I have been...
  4. RedViking

    No Swipe below R20. Cash Only.

    Are shops allowed to prevent your from using an Absa/FNB/Standard Bank card machine when paying for an item that is below R20? Some limit it to R50, others make it R100. Shops are welcome to make their own rules, I just wonder if they are allowed to do it. Does the agreement they have with...
  5. R

    Credit score

    Hi Members For most of us, applying for credit is a basic requirement for owning larger purchases such as a house or car etc.. Like most things, certain requirements have to be met, in order to get the best credit score and interest rates. Apparently the more financial institutions you...
  6. S

    Standard Bank Root Account for Developers

    Stumbled upon this: "Root is a lightweight bank account designed to be accessible through code. With our API you can build your own interface and control your money programmatically."
  7. T

    iStore Card

    Hi, Regarding the iStore card. I applied for one with an above threshold salary, pefect credit score and not judgments but I get declined saying my credit record was the cause, this for something that would cost R121 p/m. Then someone working with me with a MUCH higher salary tried but...
  8. H

    Understanding a Credit Report

    Hi All! So I come here in search of help in understanding credit reports. Long story short, I recently left debt review voluntarily as I felt I could better repay my credit providers on my own, and I need access to credit again. During my debt review (4 and a half years) I never...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Six seconds to hack a credit card

    Six seconds to hack a credit card New research reveals the ease with which criminals can hack a bank account without any of the card details.
  10. J

    Credit Rating Companies How accurate are they?

    I recently tried to get a bond for my house, shock, horror I got turned down due to my credit score. How could this be as I had a good score. I then investigated and found that the banks have their favorite companies, namely TransUnion and Compuscan, whilst I got my score from XPS. So I...
  11. R

    CPA Year long battle won :D sortof

    Hi I have had an almost year-long battle to get faulty goods either refunded/repaired by the store I bought it from, which blamed user error for the defect/loss. I eventually succeeded through the Consumer Goods & Services Ombud and learnt a ton of stuff to do with the CPA. I got a mail...
  12. T

    Credit bureau

    Hi there, Does anyone know which credit bureau is checked by Vodacom before they issue you with a cellphone contract? And then also which one a bank uses?
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Point-of-sale credit card payment systems compromised

    Point-of-sale credit card payment systems compromised Hackers have breached computer systems at Oracle, which include a customer support portal for companies using MICROS point-of-sale credit card systems.
  14. T

    Credit Record

    I want to find out how a credit granting company looks at your credit record? Do they only look at your credit score? So lets say I go to FNB and apply for a classic credit card and i meet the salary requirements: Credit record has no judgments, do you need to have a Fair, good, very good or...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    South Africa’s credit ratings per president – 1994 to 2016

    South Africa’s credit ratings per president – 1994 to 2016 We take a look at how South Africa’s credit ratings have fared under the country’s various presidents.
  16. S

    Transferring Credit Record to a new ID number

    Does anyone have experience transferring their South African credit record to a new ID number? This would probably mostly apply to other foreigners, like myself, who started their credit record under a passport number and then got a South African ID number later. My situation is as follows...
  17. P

    How to use credit loaded with Domaincheap

    Hi Can someone who used domaincheap "loaded credit" tell me how to use the credit topup for domaincheap. I loaded credit (what an issue ! gremlins between payfast & domaincheap interface) . Finally sorted Now i need to use the credit for renewing domains but i dont find any option...
  18. QuintonB

    Jail time for bank card cloner

    Card fraud scammer gets jail time A man who tried to buy a laptop with a cloned bank card was given a five-year suspended jail sentence by the Bellville Specialised Commercial Crime Court in Cape Town on Friday.
  19. LazyLion

    'Massive' credit card data breach involves all major brands 10 Million credit card numbers??? :eek:
  20. S

    Database solutions to run a Credit reference business

    Hi All, Please advise on cost-effective solutions for a credit reference agency. I am currently looki into Sybase but i think it may be a little pricey. Can you guys help me with options and any cloud opportunities that i may leverage.