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    Retail Value of CTi Golf for Insurance

    Hi, dad's 1994 CTi golf is insured for R15000 (Retail Value). His installment is R635 with Budget. Am I getting a good deal? I checked Gumtree and I don't see any CTi's in similar condition going for R15000 or less, so if the car get's written off I won't find a CTi for that price. How does...
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    Studying at CTI

    Hi. Has anyone studied at CTI in Durban. Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated. I am considering studing the Higher Certificate in Information Systems (Software Development) (CTI): https://www.cti.ac.za/?course=certificate-in-information-systems-software-development-cti
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    I currently want to study IT next year and im between CTI and UNISA ? CTI offers me a BSc in IT wich covers just about everything wich is ideal, but UNISA has :erm: BSc Information Technology and Computer Science: Computational Intelligence Stream (02089 - ICI) Bachelor of Science...
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    Informations Systems: Urgent advice needed

    Information Systems: Urgent advice needed Hi all, I recently came across an article ripping on CTI (the college that I attend currently) and after reading this and doing some google'ing I am now considering moving my studies to UNISA and taking up the Computer Science course. The thread...