1. B

    BB Curve 9320 vs 9360 which one is best option?

    Hi all My mom can upgrade at vodacom and she really wants a BB. I'm not at all a BB man and don't think a lot of them but really need help from owners with experience with these devices. The curve 9320 is a newer phone which came out mid 2012, it got launched with OS7.1 and it has a big 1450 mAh...
  2. P

    New Blackberry Protect Software stuck on "Connecting to BBPService..." (8ta)

    Hi Please assist. I got a new BB Curve 9360 on Tuesday and had the pre-installed (I think) BB Protect Service configured, up and running. Yesterday (Friday) evening, I downloaded the latest version of the BB Protect Software from BB AppWorld. This seemed to upgrade the software but...
  3. R

    OS 6 On Blackberry Curve 9300 3G

    I Installed OS 6 on my curve 3G last night and i noticed my phone slowing down alot, especially when multitasking. My Battery life is not as good as when i was using OS 5. Anybody load OS on their 9300's? Did you experience has problems at all? If this persists I'm thinking of just...
  4. G

    Cell C Blackberry Curve 8520

    Hi there, I know this question has been asked to death, but I didn't have any luck finding anything relevant to my problem on the forum. I want to buy a Blackberry Curve 8520 from Makro it's on the Cell C network. And I am currently using Vodacom, and would not like to switch providers...
  5. jes

    South Africa's new BlackBerry Curve 3G launched

    South Africa's new BlackBerry Curve 3G launched Research In Motion announced the launch of the new BlackBerry Curve 3G in South Africa
  6. H

    Blackberry Curve 8310

    About to get this phone this weekend, anyone out there have an opinion on this phone? read a few reviews and these doesn't seem to be any big issues with it