1. D

    Roadworthy of a Project Car

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to build up a a project car either based on a rolling chassis or custom-fab. Obviously it will be a mix of parts, which may prove tricky to get roadworthy-ed. I'm curious if any mybroadband members have done something like this and succeeded or run into any issues? or...
  2. mountain_lion

    Custom smart watch faces

    I successfully petitioned Santa (aka Mrs mountain_lion) for a smart watch. :) Over the holidays I tried my hand at building custom watch faces using the Facer platform. They have a web based creator with a not to steep learning curve and allow you to share your creations for free. Anybody else...
  3. S

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus Custom ROM: Suggestions please.

    Been yonks since I bothered with Flashing ROMS, but my 8GB GGPP has so much bloatware, its useless, even with moving whatever apps I can to the 16GB SD Card I have. So its time. Downloaded Odin, and gonna get started with rooting. Trusted ROMS you guys and gals are using - I am also...
  4. B

    Fibre installed, no router yet (want to use my own router)

    Hi everyone Let me start off by saying I am absolutely going crazy. Cool. So I had Vumatel install fibre yesterday. I am now waiting on Cybersmart to deliver their own router (they say Friday earlier, wtf). I am trying to set up with my own router with little success. It's a Linksys...
  5. C

    Where can I get/order custom image pet tags?

    So my girlfriend has a cat named Flash and I thought it would be a cute idea to get a pet tag for him with the flash logo on it to add to the red collar I bought. I was wondering if any of you knew where I could do something like that here in SA or online? I'm around the Pretoria area.
  6. S

    Alternative r206 software or firmware

    hey all, i was wondering if there was a way to use a windows app or to reflash the r206 to the huawei software to enable using profiles for the apn. I see the huawei software has a multi apn profile ability. is there any way to make the vodafone branded version do the same thing or has...
  7. K

    Laptop for MCSA/E, CCNA and gaming

    Hi guys I am starting at a local CTU college with my MCSA this year. As it's BYOD I contacted them and asked for minimum specs. The MCSE instructor also has a small IT business and gave me a quote with recommended specs. I want to do some gaming too, but the specs he proposed for the price...
  8. M

    WD TV HD Live custom firmware

    Is anyone running custom firmware on their WD TV HD Live? I'm contemplating installing it.
  9. LazyLion

    What is a reasonable amount to develop a 19 page website with photos?

    My Sister in law is having a website made for her business. It looks like the site designer is using Weaver to do it. As far as I can tell it looks custom made. But this lady is asking for $3,800 and that is even after the discount down from $6,570. She just had to put a bunch of photos...
  10. Archer

    PC Chassis - what do you want?

    I really shouldnt be doing this before I've finished my current project, but I'm bored at work :p So... what would you guys like to see in a custom chassis? Since I might maybe possibly decide to make more than one... Something big with 10 HDDs, 20 fans and space for your extended family...
  11. Budza

    Custom Windows 7 Lockscreen Backround

    Thought I'd share. Sauce Pity about the size limit though...
  12. B

    Darky is dead, DarkyROM is reborn - Samsung Galaxy S I9000

    Quoting Joël aka Darky: So, fellow users of DarkyROM, are you going to continue using DarkyROM, or are you considering moving to another? If so, which one? Also, which custom ROM are you using on your Samsung Galaxy S I9000 OR which is the best Samsung Galaxy S I9000 ROM?
  13. eye_suc

    How To: A simple, custom POS

    hey guys i've been toying with the idea of constructing our own POS for the pub, but the motivation has never been there for the investor (father). however, after recent events he has seen the light and is fully backing me in this little side project. the problem: bartenders give out...