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    Televisions and Appliances

    Please feel free to request prices on Televisions and Appliances from me.
  2. J

    Waterproof smartphones

    Hi there. Need to replace my dead Motorola Defy and I'm looking at options. I have to have something durable, a normal phone won't last me a week! I'm looking at these: Defy plus Xperia go I was very pleased with my old defy, so l'll take some convincing to try something else. The...
  3. C

    Motorola Defy Loose Power Button Rattling Noise

    Hi Defy users ... I know these fridges were supposed to rattle but ... .. there's a slight rattle on the power button of my 6 day old phone. Otherwise though I'm loving my first Android. When I shake it (and don't say .. then don't shake it) it rattles but when I have my finger on the...
  4. N

    [Benchmark] Quadrant scores on your android

    Hi guys, please post some quadrant scores on your android phone. Model: Android version and rom: Quadrant score: CPU clock: You can get the Quadrant standard edition from the android market, run benchmark, watch the pretty 3d rendering and post us your score :) I'll start with...
  5. jes

    Motorola Android update plans in South Africa

    Motorola Android update plans in South Africa The Motorola MB525 Defy and Atrix can look forward to updates in 2011 while the Motorola Milestone's Android 2.1 update is currently available
  6. jes

    Motorola Defy review (MyBroadband)

    Motorola Defy review (MyBroadband) We spent some time with Motorola's tough new smartphone to see if it really does defy the elements