1. Jan

    Vumatel and DFA now have a higher valuation than Telkom's market cap

    Vumatel and DFA now more valuable than Telkom Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH), which owns Vumatel and DFA, is valued at R23.2 billion — higher than Telkom’s market cap of R22.3 billion. Remgro revealed this valuation in its recent announcement about a CIVH rights offer in which...
  2. Jan

    CIVH is getting a new name

    New name for South African telecoms powerhouse Community Investment Ventures (CIVH), which owns Vumatel, DFA, and Sqwidnet, is set to change its name and company branding. This is feedback from CIVH CEO, Raymond Ndlovu who spoke to MyBroadband about the planned CIVH brand change. CIVH is...
  3. Jan

    Thinus Mulder steps down as DFA CEO

    DFA CEO resigns ICT-focused investment-holding company Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH) announced that Thinus Mulder will step down as CEO of its subsidiary DFA on 30 September 2021. CIVH group CEO and DFA chairman, Raymond Ndlovu, thanked Mulder for his contribution in overseeing...
  4. Chris

    2021 MyBroadband Online Conference

    2021 MyBroadband Online Conference The 2021 MyBroadband Conference will take place on Wednesday 14 April and has attracted excellent speakers and conference partners. The annual MyBroadband Conference, now in its 16th year, is the largest IT and telecoms conference in South Africa. This year...
  5. J

    DFA issued licence to operate in Zimbabwe

    DFA issued licence to operate in Zimbabwe Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) has been issued an operating licence by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ). This makes it the first telecommunications provider to be issued a licence by POTRAZ in 10 years, DFA said.
  6. Ravenhash

    Vumareach - Mitchells Fibre Higher Speeds

    :thumbsup: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/fibre/257195-vumatels-100mbps-township-fibre-project-has-started.html Can we have an indication of when faster speeds will be available? Honestly 20Mbps is awesome but in comparison to international standards it feels like a joke. I believe that there...
  7. fundutzi

    Fibre options, CPT, Van Riebeeckshof; Vumatel, Openserve, DFA, Mitsol

    Dear All, Need some input please. Questions please. a. If assessment is accurate in maps, which infrastructure would you recommend? b. Is Openserve and Telkom the same ito infrastructure? c. Do i have to approach the data provider to arrange this installation, or, can the infrastructure...
  8. F

    Opinions on DFA please

    Opinions on DFA & SADV please Hi guys, I'm not too clued up on the whole fibre situation currently as I've been happily potting along with my ADSL and din't feel a need to change or pay much attention to Fibre. My situation has changed slightly now though, I am one of the Trustees of our...
  9. STSolutions

    FTTH Magalieskruin - Complexes Required

    FTTH Magalieskruin - SHOW YOUR INTEREST! If you live in a complex in the Magaliekruin area, and you are interested in installing Fibre in your home, please show your interest by emailing tammi@stsolutions.co.za. Your neighbours desperately want to be connected, but we need more residents on board.
  10. STSolutions

    FTTH Halfway Gardens, Midrand

    FTTH Halfway Gardens, Midrand - SHOW YOUR INTEREST If you live in a complex in Halfway Gardens, Midrand, and you are interested in installing Fibre in your home, please show your interest by emailing tammi@stsolutions.co.za. Your neighbours desperately want to be connected, but we need more...
  11. STSolutions

    FTTH Body Corporate / Homeowners' Association

    If you are interested in fibre in your complex, you can send me an email tammi@stsolutions.co.za, please include your COMPLEX NAME & ADDRESS and I can assist you with the fibre installation process from there. We are partnered with SADV & DFA http://www.stsolutions.co.za/fibre.html
  12. STSolutions

    FTTH Assistance

    I have seen a lot of requests from people not sure on how to go about getting fibre into their homes. If anyone wants advise, send me a message if you live in a complex (body corporates or HOA's) - I might be able to help you out :)
  13. Newsfeed

    Public-sector projects can benefit significantly from high-speed connectivity

    Public-sector projects can benefit significantly from high-speed connectivity It has been 23 years since the first Pan-African Conference of Ministers of Public/Civil Service was held in Tangier.
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    The robot revolution

    The robot revolution Machine learning is going to fundamentally alter our world for the better, improving healthcare, the manufacturing industry and assisting in the prediction of supply and demand levels across a plethora of industries.
  15. G

    SADV Installation Feedback/Progress for Estates/Complexes

    Hi all So my complex is just by the backbone on the DFA Coverage map, and I want to get this process accelerated. I'm getting in touch with the board and trustees, but in order to get buy in, I want to know what sort of pricing to expect? Anyone here using SADV, with DFA, please assist...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    DFA secures R1.25 billion in funding

    DFA secures R1.25 billion in funding DFA has secured additional term debt funding of R1.25 billion, the company announced.
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    No DFA and Internet Solutions deal

    No DFA and Internet Solutions deal DFA has dismissed speculation that a deal is currently on the cards where Internet Solutions will acquire the company.
  18. H

    Fibre in Noordwyk, Midrand

    Hey Guys They are busy laying down Fibre lines along Liebenberg road, does anyone know if these will be for FTTH or purely for business use, its a very residential area so I could only imagine FTTH but through which ISP and who do I need to bribe to make it happen. Thanks
  19. P

    Fibre in Arcadia, Pretoria

    As the topic states. I am interested in getting ftth for myself, and I am sure that quite a few more people in the area would also be interested. I saw some Openserv people working about a block away from me.. they came and went. I have tried checking for availability in the area, but most...
  20. Espee

    Fibre installed into apartment block basement, now what?

    Hi guys. I stay in Tyger Falls, Bellville. Dark Fibre Africa has been installing fibre through the entire area as well as past my apartment block, Vue De La Rive. We received a notification that DFA will today bring the fibre from the sidewalk into the building. My question is, what...