1. Z

    [SALE] Canon EOS 1300D

    Item name (be very descriptive): The Canon EOS 1300D is a user friendly, entry-level DSLR that combines great image quality with a range of smart features. The camera boasts a highly sensitive 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor which delivers crisp, colour accurate imagery and great low light performance...
  2. S

    Research Participation Request – Digital Music Distribution Channels

    I would appreciate it if you would be willing to take 10 minutes to complete (and share) an anonymous web-based survey - kicking off the next phase of my research (PhD in Information Systems, University of Cape Town). My field of study is Emerging Digital Music Distribution Channels and I am...
  3. T

    SABC through DVB-T2 on HD TV?

    I wandered into a Post Office and noticed boxes of STB ready for distribution. This obviously means all court cases are over and roll out is imminent. Now that SABC won and there is no encryption on the boxes, does this not mean tv's with dvb-t2 should be able to pick up these channels? Will the...
  4. mercurial

    Silicon Valley billionaire pays $10,000 to digitally back-up his brain

    Silicon Valley billionaire pays $10,000 to digitally back-up his brain 'to live forever' - but he'll have to die first
  5. B

    Audio Switch Recommendations?

    Hi all! I'm looking for an audio switch box. I can find lots of them with multiple inputs and a single output. What I need is one with a single input and multiple outputs. I've not had any luck finding such a thing locally. Only expensive, imported ones online. Audio is being...
  6. Rouxenator

    I took this picture a decade ago (your cool retro shots)

    I realised that I have been taking pictures for a long time. More to the point, digital pictures since 2001 and mobile pictures since 2002. Since then the technology in both the point&shoot and the mobile environment has improved a lot, why not share what you did using the technology available a...
  7. D

    Bring Digital Ocean to SA

    Hey guys, If you don't know about Digital Ocean, well in short it ROCKS! Basically you set up a tiny server for $10 a month which kicks any shared hosting in SA's ass! All SSD hosting, well why the hell not? There is a petition on their request site, if you...
  8. F

    Digital Project Manager (Mid-Senior)

    "When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target." We are seeking a project manager ("ring leader") to manage our studio of designers, developers, content and client service managers. We need a self-motivated individual who can optimise our powerhouse of skills into a more...
  9. QuintonB

    Digital age creates new etiquette dilemmas

    Navigating a new digital etiquette What should you do when your boss sends a Facebook friend request? Is it OK to take and share smartphone pictures at a friend’s wedding? When should you take off Google Glass?
  10. O

    CTO / Developer

    Have you ever wanted to be a part of a startup? Take charge of your career and have fun building a business that you will be proud of? If so, then that opportunity is here! We’re looking for a CTO/developer with ambition and vision to join us to help shape and grow our business. Who are we...
  11. J

    So Ster-Kinekor is completely digital, why RSA still getting movies months later?

    So Ster-Kinekor is completely digital - obviously no more waiting for physical rolls of film to be distributed - and no more passing down from larger to smaller cinemas like we always saw. Question 1, Why is RSA still getting movies months later? In fact, it is often so late, that the movies...
  12. S

    Fujifilm X10 - R4500

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  13. Crimson & Blue

    Fujifilm FinePix JZ100 14 Mp Digital Camera with 8x optical Zoom and case

    Item name: Fujifilm FinePix JZ100 compact digital camera complete with battery, charger, memory card and case Age and condition: 10 months old, in excellent condition Box included: Yes - with instruction manual etc. Warranty: Yes, balance of warranty (2 years) with incredible connection...
  14. F

    Junior Web Developer - Firewater Interactive

    Great opportunity at Firewater Interactive for if you are straight out of varsity or college & have little or no experience! Our highly experienced team of masters in the digital world is looking for an individual to assist with and learn the underworld of website design & development where...
  15. S

    Fujifilm X10 - R5000

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  16. LazyLion

    Keith Richards: I Don't Own an iPod

    He's rock royalty and likes to keep it old-school: Keith Richards says he doesn't own an iPod. The Rolling Stones guitarist says he isn't a fan of the ultra-popular music device. "I don't have an iPod. ... I still use CDs or records actually. Sometimes cassettes. It has much better sound...
  17. J

    Newsweek stopping print and focusing on digital

    Newsweek goes digital-only After 79 years in print, Newsweek has decided to prioritise digital distribution of the magazine
  18. Rouxenator

    Why do cheap DFP monitors only have VGA ?

    So this is something that has been bothering me since LCD monitors first came out. Why do cheap DFP monitors only have a VGA connection when it requires more circuitry as opposed to a DVI/HDMI connection? Effectively when running a DFP over VGA you end up with the graphics chip in your...
  19. QuintonB

    NYT digital content offering more

    New York times boosts digital offerings The New York Times said Monday it was expanding its digital news offerings to third-party platforms as part of a push for more online subscribers.
  20. Jan

    Bozza mobile content marketplace for Africa based in SA launched

    Bozza mobile content marketplace launched in SA Users can publish their music, videos, poetry, and other content and make money by giving it away for free.