disappearing data

  1. Jamie McKane

    How to protect yourself from disappearing data

    How to protect yourself from disappearing data "Disappearing data" is a common complaint among mobile users in South Africa, with mobile networks often being blamed for unexplained data depletion. However, this phenomenon is usually due either to their own behaviour, or the behaviour of the...
  2. C

    Disappearing data

    I know this subject has been talked about many time but recently I have noticed my data disappearing when I'm connected to my homw wifi. I have an iPhone with the background data off and no wifi assist on. Called MTN to ask why this is happening and they tell me my background data is on...
  3. Jamie McKane

    Disappearing data - Vodacom explains

    Disappearing data - Vodacom explains Many consumers are complaining that their airtime and mobile data is disappearing, but the explanation may be much simpler than expected.