1. S

    Telkom line goes out of sync frequently

    I am currently using the freebie telkom router as my parents wont buy a new one. A few months a go my dsl started going hay wire and disconnected itself a lot. I did some searching and found how to use the routers information. The system log shows the following: 2012:12:14:19:30 DSL out of sync...
  2. NeonNinja

    Constan disconnections wtf?!

    Every 5-10 minutes, my blue light modem, flashes, indicating that it's disconnected! Why's this? So irritating!!! I've tried my K3565 and E156G. Both yield the same result. The APN I'm using is internet, and *99#.
  3. signates

    Random disconnect

    I have the iBurst webphone which is connected to my Netgear Wireless N router model WNR2000. For the past 5 days, my connection disconnects randomly after midnight. The problem I have is that the connection does not automatically reconnect. When I wake up in the morning I have to unplug the...
  4. signates

    Constant Disconnections

    I using my cell as a modem and my connection constantly disconnects. I am trying to download a 350MB file and only manage between 20MB and 50MB before the connection stops and I have to manually disconnect and then reconnect. I have tried on two different phone with the same issue. I have a...
  5. Kuga

    Web Africa falling over ... ? 15/06/10

    Just wanna find out if WA is having issues and if it's related to WA only? Past few minutes now, keep getting disconnected from WoW. Bunch of guildies was also having disconnections. Tried accessing their site but it keeps timing out.
  6. H

    Disconnecting every few minutes

    Our Iburst connection at our office is disconnecting every few minutes and it is very very irritating if you want to send emails or trying to make a payment on internet banking
  7. V

    *READ FIRST* Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency

    Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency Reporting Issues For reporting issues to Vodacom Support: 1) Call (082)155 (Free from a Vodacom SIM) 2) Mail Customer Care on customercare@vodacom.co.za 3) Read the FAQ in this forum. 4) Use the SelfHelp facility. 5)...